New store sample: Color Block Scarf Feat. Mohair Haze

mohair_haze_scarf5The Blocks of Color Scarf by Nadine Curtis lends itself so well to colour blocking with smaller skeins of fingering and sport weight yarns. As soon as we saw the Rowan Mohair Haze palette, we couldn’t resist knitting up this simple scarf with a collection of the more vibrant hues. The result is a fun lightweight tube scarf with a perfectly soft halo that is always “right side out”.  Not so sure these brights are for you? Why not try a softer version incorporating other colours from the palette such as Cradle, Cuddle, Nest, and Hug? And if neutrals are more your thing, there’s always our Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico version (see last photo below).

For additional photos and details, be sure to visit our project pages on Ravelry.

Mohair Haze Version
Metalico Version

- Melissa


New Bookhou!

A gorgeous new collection of totes and pouches from Bookhou also landed in store this morning. Bookhou, a multidisciplinary studio based in Toronto, emphasizes natural handmade materials and small production pieces.  Each piece a beautifully crafted work of art. Below is just a sampling of what came in.

How great is that knit stitch print?!

- Melissa


What’s the buzz? Woolfolk coming soon!

woolfolkRecently, you may have noticed some excitement on the internet in anticipation of the release of an impossibly soft brand new merino yarn. The launch of Woolfolk last week by Kristin Ford has everybody talking.  Although the buzz had been building for some months among retailers, things really caught fire in the broader fiber-loving community earlier this week with the publication of Clara Parke’s profile of Woolfolk’s Får on Knitter’s Review.

An exquisitely soft and lustrous yarn, Ultimate Merino® is ecologically sourced and produced as part of a partnership between the Ovis 21 biodiversity and grasslands regeneration project and Patagonian farmers, the Nature Conservancy, and outdoor retailer Patagonia Inc.

From the Woolfolk website: “The presence of coarse fibers in wool create “prickle”– the main obstacle to wearing and working with wool. Most wool products have a high percentage of over 30 microns – the diameter measure of a strand of fiber. Ultimate Merino® has a micron count of 17.5, and combines the hand of cashmere with the wear of merino.”

Woolfolk has developed two very distinct yarns which highlight the unique qualities of Ultimate Merino® . Får boasts a chainette construction that lends  structure and definition on a range of needle sizes and stitch types while Tynd has a tight twist that creates a lightweight, elegant fabric on smaller needles.

Woolfolk yarns are available exclusively at only a small number of hand-selected retail partners and we are so honoured to be one of them. Our shipment is currently winging its way to us and we will update here the minute it lands on our doorstep.


Along with launch of its yarns, Woolfolk has also released a breathtaking collection of supporting patterns created by well-known (and well-loved) knitwear designer, Olga Buraya-Kefelian.

Woolfolk Collection FW 2014 is an “inspired collection of modern minimal pieces, articulated in interesting textures. The clean lines and innovative construction techniques are the perfect forum for Woolfolk’s luxurious fiber, and the garments are meant to be worn and treasured.”

Here are some of our faves (click images for details on Ravelry or see full collection at





woolfolk4- Melissa

New in store: Scrumptious Purl!




It is with complete pleasure that we announce the arrival of a “scrumptious” new sock yarn this week. In between globe-trotting, teaching, and consulting, our Samantha has found the time to develop her very own yarn line – Scrumptious Purl – which made its debut in store just yesterday.  Stripe Me Up, an 80% superwash merino and 20% nylon blend, is available in a collection of stunning colourways which are precision dyed to yield 6 rows per stripe on an average 64 stitch sock (some variation by knitter gauge is to be expected).  Each 400 yd (365 m) ball takes approximately 30 – 40 minutes to create from wrapping on a board through kettle dying and, finally, hand-winding into a beautiful work of art.  Although we love every single colour in the Scrumptious Purl range, we are especially excited about the exclusive custom colourway dyed just for us, aptly named – EspaceTricot. :-) Lisa has already knit a pair of socks with it (see below) and we’ll have the pattern available for download early next week in both English and French. In the meantime, come in and stock up!

- Melissa





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