My Mind Is Made Up

Hello everyone and thank you for participating in my little poll (which is now closed, I might add)! I do appreciate your versatile comments on the two choices.

I have been following the votes and looking for the result all week long, and from the beginning it seemed clear the “The Vermonter” was and is a front runner. There you have it, that is the hat I am knitting. Which does not mean I won’t knit the Earflap hat at all, that one might follow since I have shown my daughter the choice of hat patterns and she asked for both (greedy little 6 year old that she is, as well as: understandably so, it was also suggested by quite a few readers).

Today it feels really weird to knit a bulky winter hat, since yesterday and today the temperature was more like late Summer than Fall. Very warm and humid, people were out and about in shorts and sandals here in Montreal. The thing is, I know that we are going to need it, if not soon then soon enough. With Canadian Thanksgiving gone it is custom (or rather: recommended) to switch to Winter tires now (our car is having them installed as I write this) and this seems even weirder to me today. It is the reverse experience of knitting a linen sweater in March in Montreal, I guess.

IMG_9735Still Life with yarn.

Since the hat of the original pattern would be too large for a kid, I have adapted the numbers. Fewer stitches cast on and fewer rounds will be knit. Come back for a look at a complete hat soon!

Happy Knitting, as ever!

- Mona



New free pattern from Espace Tricot: Scrumptious Stripes Socks

pic_for_patternOur super fun sock pattern knit with Stripe Me Up from Scrumptious Purl is now available for download! A simple cuff-down design, Scrumptious Stripes Socks provides a perfect canvas for showing off the precision of this carefully dyed yarn. Bold and bright in unexpected colour combinations, these will make you smile every time you look at your feet. Pattern available in English and French.

- Melissa

Chevron Baby Blanket: Video Tutorial

zigzag5_medium2Our Chevron Baby Blanket has enjoyed a fair share of attention over the last year (it’s been ‘favourited’ more than 8000 times on Ravelry!) and, although it is a very simple design, the pattern uses one or two stitches that have confused some beginner knitters.  We’re happy to let you know that a video tutorial explaining all aspects of the blanket from long-tail cast-on to casting off and blocking is now available on YouTube.  iKNITS contacted us some time ago to obtain permission to feature this in her pattern tutorial collection and we wholeheartedly gave it. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We hope many of you will find this helpful!

Have a look:

Or watch it directly on YouTube here.

- Melissa

New store sample: Color Block Scarf Feat. Mohair Haze

mohair_haze_scarf5The Blocks of Color Scarf by Nadine Curtis lends itself so well to colour blocking with smaller skeins of fingering and sport weight yarns. As soon as we saw the Rowan Mohair Haze palette, we couldn’t resist knitting up this simple scarf with a collection of the more vibrant hues. The result is a fun lightweight tube scarf with a perfectly soft halo that is always “right side out”.  Not so sure these brights are for you? Why not try a softer version incorporating other colours from the palette such as Cradle, Cuddle, Nest, and Hug? And if neutrals are more your thing, there’s always our Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico version (see last photo below).

For additional photos and details, be sure to visit our project pages on Ravelry.

Mohair Haze Version
Metalico Version

- Melissa


New Bookhou!

A gorgeous new collection of totes and pouches from Bookhou also landed in store this morning. Bookhou, a multidisciplinary studio based in Toronto, emphasizes natural handmade materials and small production pieces.  Each piece a beautifully crafted work of art. Below is just a sampling of what came in.

How great is that knit stitch print?!

- Melissa


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