New in Store: Louet Euroflax, Berroco Linsey

It seems odd to be writing about spring / summer arrrivals in the midst of a snow storm but perhaps it will provide a welcome distraction from the weather – confirmation that there’s light at the end of this wintry tunnel.  Over the last couple of weeks we’ve started bringing out our cotton, linen, and hemp yarns again and new shipments of summer weight blends are rolling in daily.  This week, we’ve replenished our stock of Louet Euroflax and stacked the shelves with Berroco’s Linsey.

Louet Euroflax

Louet’s long line linen yarn is made out of custom wet spun flax-fiber. This is a superior quality, fine linen which is double boiled and then steamed to ensure maximum softness. We’ve knit several summer projects with Euroflax and can’t say enough about it’s drape, texture, and durability.   Machine Washable and dryable! 6 sts per in. / 100 g / 270 yds.

Berroco Linsey

Linsey is new in the store this year and we’re excited about the possibilities for this ultra-soft worsted weight cotton/linen blend for summer. Available in solid colors as well as gently shifting sun-weathered  shades, Linsey™ promises to be cool and comfortable – perfect for warm-weather projects. 64% Cotton, 36% Linen / 5 sts per in. / 50 g / 114 yds

– Melissa

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