Store sample: Woolly Wreath

Well, that was fun!

If the truth be told, there are some things I add to my knitting queue that, in my heart of hearts, I am not optimistic about getting to. My list really says more about my intentions than what can feasibly be accomplished in reality. We received the Woolly Wreath and Garland pattern from Churchmouse Yarns a couple of weeks ago and I promptly added it to my queue in this spirit. That said, imagine my surprise to find myself actually making the wreath over the weekend. It was fun and quick to do and provided an interesting change from my typical projects – I spent one evening on the knitting and then sewed it to the wire wreath form (purchased at Michaels) over coffee the next morning. I added a felted ball garland excavated from my X-mas decorating stash for colour. I highly recommend this project if you need a wreath and a change of pace!


– Melissa


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