Not much to show

Well, to tell the perfect truth, I had an awful week involving colds, cough and fevers. Oh, wait. Make that two weeks. And I’m sure Lisa and Melissa can relate.

All I have to show today is “Flore” which got finished before I came down with the cold my daughter so graciously shared. It was fun to knit, the Manos Silk Blend is really great to work with and since it is all knit in the round, relatively fast also.


Yup. That’s it for me today.

– Mona


4 thoughts on “Not much to show

  1. Barbara Geerkens says:

    gorgeous sweater, but what I would like to know from Mona is thia;
    How do you hide the ends when you change colour: usually we do it on the reverse side, so in this knitted garment where did you do that???

    barbara Geerkens

    • Mona says:

      Hello Barbara,

      if you check my first post about this sweater you’ll see that I left the ends of the yarn hanging on the outside of the knitting, the Stockinette Stitch side – which later becomes the wrong side. After I was done knitting, the sweater was inside out still, so I wove in the ends on the Stockinette Stitch side, that’s it.


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