Simple Pleasures

It is always a pleasure to finish a project. However, as I have said before, you are not finished until you have finished. When the knitting is done, there is always more to do. And don’t I know it!

Most of the time there are straightforward methods to make your project look great, other times you’ll sit there and be stumped because you don’t really know what to do and how the hell are you supposed to close that gap with that loose stitch and, oh, I’ll do it later…and two months later it will still sit there and look at you reproachfully. (Or so you feel. Wait. Maybe I need to write: Or so I feel? It’s not that I haven’t done this before.)

Today I am going to help you out with a small thing. Because sometimes it is the small things that make a difference.

I have knit a Puerperium Cardigan (I might have knit two. They are small and addictive!) and brought it to my Finishing Class to show how to, well, finish it. At that time I became aware again that I do things automatically that a lot of knitters do not know about. Small things. Simple fixes. I do not think about them in particular, I just do them. But when I show them to other knitters they are pleasantly surprised that there is actually a method to make that gap disappear nicely – and that it is not difficult at all.

All the knitting is done, I have bound off the lower edge and the sleeves which are knit in the round. Now all it needs is to weave in the ends and close the gap of the bind-off round.

Here is what I showed them.

First of all, when you bind off, no matter what, you end up with that last loop. The last stitch just sits there as a loop. I know what you are going to do next. You take the end of your yarn, pull it through the loop once more and pull tight and it looks like this:


This is not what I do.

I do this.


This is what is left after binding off all stitches.


Cut the yarn and start pulling on your needle.


Keep doing that until the end pulls out.


Now it looks like this. See the difference?

Now you are set up to finish nicely. You won’t ever go back to the other way once you know this. (I certainly hope so.)


Take your tapestry needle and thread your end.


Look for the first stitch you bound off, i.e. at the beginning of the round.


Insert you needle from the RS into the bound off stitch, pull you yarn through.


Go back to the stitch you bound off last and insert your needle as if to complete another bind off.


Pull until the stitch you just made looks like the rest of the bind-off edge, then weave your end in on the WS.


And that is it. Need I say more?

Happy knitting, as ever!


6 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Danneel Mitchell says:

    Thank you for the little tidbit! I am always looking for a new way to finish off projects! Also, I found the the Puerperium Cardigan just in time for a friend’s little boy to come home in last year! You are right, they are addictive!

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