Free Pattern Friday

Pine Forest Baby Blanket


(Photos: jvern211 (pink), Espace Tricot (green))

We say it every year – spring is definitely baby blanket season around the store. There’s a huge range in the styles our customers come in looking for – from modern to traditional, wildly colourful to quietly pastel. We have a good set of samples all knit up at the moment but we’re always working to add to our collection. Right now, Lisa is knitting up the very pretty Pine Forest Baby Blanket by Ingrid Aartun Bøe – pictured above in Tanis Fiber Arts Green Label ‘Lemongrass’. Based on the gull lace stitch used by Elizabeth Zimmermann in the well-know ‘February Sweater’, this pattern is easy and versatile. Any yarn and gauge can be used and the size is easily changed by adjusting the number of pattern repeats. We love the way this one walks the line between modern and traditional – beautiful creamy white will give it an heirloom look while the fuschia and green versions above make a fun, dramatic statement. Which way does the little one in your life lean?

– Melissa


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