Coming soon…Quince & Co.!

logoEspace Tricot is thrilled to announce that beginning mid-summer we’ll be carrying yarns from Quince & Co.! We’ve long been fans of this company that sources and spins all of its yarns in the US using wool from Merino, Rambouillet, and Columbia-based sheep from Montana and Wyoming. In addition to producing beautiful, quality products, Quince strives to minimize its carbon footprint and ensure that the animals used are raised humanely in a way that sustains the earth. Quince also provides stunning pattern support with collections that are sure to meet knitters at all skill levels. Popular designers such as Pam Allen, Carrie Bostick Hodge, Hannah Fettig, Cecily Glowik-MacDonald, Cookie A., and many others have created a broad assortment of projects ranging from the “utilitarian and friendly” to the “precious, labor-of-love” endeavour.

As Quince & Co’s only flagship store in Canada, we are happy to finally make these incredible products easily available north of the border (and yes, we’re happy to ship!).

Here’s an overview of the yarns we’ll be retailing along with some of the patterns available for each. Please visit the Quince & Co. site directly to  learn more about the company and to see the full range of colourways and projects!

Note: All photos and descriptions below are from the Quince & Co. website.


“Chickadee is a little darling—soft, plump, springy, and eager to loop into intricate color patterns or delicate textures. Its three plies, spun from softest American wool, are twisted together firmly enough to be sturdy, yet gently enough to be soft and cushiony.”

100% American Wool
181 yds [166 m] / 50g
6.5 sts /inch on size US 3 needles
6 sts / inch on size US 5 needles



“Soft and skinny is our wispy Tern, a blend of wool and tussah silk. The yarn’s muted palette — think vintage painted photographs — results from the way in which the different fibers absorb dye. The wool portion colors thoroughly, but the silk is barely tinted. It’s good for socks, scarves, mitts, hats, and any sweater that loves a little drape.”

75% American Wool, 25% Silk
221 yd [202 m] / 50g
9 sts /inch on size US 1 needles
7 sts / inch on size US 3 needles



“Lark is a smooth, round, wool yarn, designed to showcase all manner of stitch patterns. Its firm 4-ply structure yields etched twisted stitches, fluid cables, and chiseled allover small textures. Lark is great, too, when you want a good yarn for well-defined color patterns.”

100% American Wool
134 yds [123 m] / 50g
5 sts /inch on size US 6 needles
4.5 sts / inch on size US 8 needles



“Osprey is a cushy, comfy, 3-ply Aran-weight yarn spun from fluffy wool fleece. Its relaxed twist gives knits a soft, fluid hand. Texture patterns knitted in Osprey are lofty, light, and easy to work. Color patterns are bold and eye-catching.”

100% Wool
170 yds [155 m] / 100g
4 sts /inch on size US 9 needles
3.5 sts / inch on size US 11 needles



“Puffin is a plump, chunky, single-ply yarn spun from sturdy American wool fleece. Its felted texture knits up into garments with a soft halo and a broken-in feel. Puffin is great for quick accessories or cozy, wear-all-the-time sweaters.”

100% American Wool
112 yds [102 m] / 100g
3 sts / inch on size US 10.5 needles
2.5 sts / inch on size US 13 needles


– Melissa


7 thoughts on “Coming soon…Quince & Co.!

  1. Tracy says:

    I love quince and co. This is fantastic news. One of my best friends is a Q&co pusher and buying her a birthday gift just got easier!!! Thank you

  2. Dana says:

    Wow!! In looking at their patterns, I’ve noticed many that I had already flagged as “favorites”! This is very exciting! Could you please tell me if they associate a difficulty level to their patterns? Many thanks and keep up the enticing work!

  3. Caroline says:

    NOOO!!!! Not now, when I’m leaving! How wonderful for you all though and can’t wait to see what you come up with to make from these beautiful yarns. 🙂

  4. Angie says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this yarn, so glad to hear we will be able to order it in Canada! Can’t wait!

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