Free pattern Friday: Cables & Ripples Afghan


I know it’s crazy to be posting a free afghan pattern in the middle of a heatwave but, seriously, there’s no better time to get started on a project like this than the summer.  If you time things right, you could have it ready just in time for the deep-freeze you know is coming.  I found this great pattern by Jen A. Martin on Ravelry last night and thought it struck a perfect balance between rustic and classic, cozy and elegant. The Cables and Ripples Afghan is an ambitious project (think king-size) but because it’s worked in three separate panels that are seamed at the end, it avoids becoming completely unwieldy in the knitting. Also, if it’s really bigger than you need, don’t be afraid, the pattern is easily downsized!


– Melissa


One thought on “Free pattern Friday: Cables & Ripples Afghan

  1. shoopca says:

    Just loooooooove this pattern, and I loooooooove knitting a large project. Not sure I would start it just now, but sometime in August/September maybe!
    Thanks Melissa.

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