New in store: The Zoom Loom (from Schacht)


One of the products garnering the most buzz at the Columbus trade show this year was the new Zoom Loom from the Schacht Spindle Company (there was one on display in almost every yarn booth).  After seeing it (and hearing about it) for two full days, we finally decided to take a walk over to the Schacht booth where we were treated to a tutorial. Needless to say, we were instantly hooked on this diminutive wonder and the creative possibilities (so much so, we promptly ordered 25 for the store!). Schacht has taken the traditional pin loom concept and re-designed it into a modern, efficient little loom that is extremely comfortable to use and highly portable. It comes in a practical carrying case and is equipped with a 6″ weaving needle and a 3″ yarn needle as well as a full-color instruction book which includes directions for three projects.

An instructional video is available online here.

Zoom Loom features:

  • Sloping interior edge guides your weaving needle.
  • Extended sides are easy to hold.
  • Molded-in instructions on the front and back are always there when you need them.
  • Handy slot that holds the starting yarn without knotting.


Project ideas

Here are just a couple of ideas to get you started – perfect for using up leftover yarn from your knitting  and crochet projects!

Whit’s Knits: Pin Loom Coasters (Purl Soho)

Click here for complete instructions


(Photos: Purl Soho)

Oiyi’s Fall Cowl

General instructions can be found here.


(Photos: Oiyi)

Happy weaving!!

– Melissa


One thought on “New in store: The Zoom Loom (from Schacht)

  1. Joanne Black says:

    This is fabulous – can you put one aside for me. I will only be able to pick it up next week as I will be in Vermont for a few days..Also the mini Koigu you got in- are they solids?



    Joni Black


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