On the needles…

Road Trip Scarf by Evi T’Bolt

Mona here. I’m going to tell you what is on my needles this week. It is a simple garter stitch triangle scarf. Not a new design in any book, yet surprisingly soothing for my frayed knitting nerves. It doesn’t require much attention, however the play with colors provides enough diversion to keep it interesting. I have only knit with Blue Sky Alpacas Sport once before and this was the perfect opportunity to re-acquaint myself with this soft and squishy yarn. We have lots of colors in stock and they invite you to pick and combine your favorite four or five skeins since that is what is needed to complete the project.

In case you were wondering what prompted me to pick this pattern I can only claim that, uhm, the presentation caught my eye.


Seriously. Don’t you think that is a handsome man SCARF?

Disclaimer: Any color similarity to Melissa’s project is purely incidental and not planned whatsoever.

– Mona


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