Exceptions prove the rule.

You know how much I like my long-tail cast-on. You also know that sometimes it is not possible to use the long-tail cast-on, or it would make for unnecessary hassle.

Let’s say you are knitting a raglan top down. When you have separated the stitches for the sleeves and continue to work on the body, you usually have to cast on stitches  for the underarm. That is if the pattern is well written and considers how a sweater fits best.

There are two ways to do that: Use the knitted cast-on or the backward loop cast-on. In this case – because it is not an edge that stays unfinished – I say go for the backward loop cast-on! My reasoning is that you are going to pick up stitches from the edge for the sleeves anyway, so it does not matter at all if it is a bit loose and it is in this case the fastest, easiest and cleanest solution. As I have put in the title: Exceptions prove the rule.

This is my little tidbit for today – happy knitting, as ever!

– Mona


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