Apologies for the recent lack of blog posts folks!  My recent house move left us without internet for an agonizing 10 days but we’re back up and running and should be on track with regular updates beginning today. Thank you all for your patience!

– Melissa


8 thoughts on “Incommunicado

  1. Arlene says:

    I have missed your frequent posts :-). It sounds like you are settling in to the new house and I wish you loads of happy times there!

  2. patricia leahy says:

    Oh my gosh Melissa please don’t feel bad it is all so understandable with all the newness in your life and the extra work that goes with moving. I do hope that it is going well for you and your husband and that your son is not finding it too difficult having to adapt to a new school and make new friends. Many blessings.
    Pat xxx

  3. Bettina Heck says:

    I am glad you are back!!!! I missed the blogs!! Hope the move went well and all three of you have already settled in a little. We’re thinking of you!!!! Until soon, Bettina

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