The Winter Blues

That says it all. I’m sitting here trying to think of something really useful for you to write about, and, I got nothing. Nothing at all.

I hate the cold, it makes me cranky, tired, and it seems I want to eat all the time. I’m talking about this arctic cold we’ve been having on and off for a while now.  On the other hand, it does not make me want to knit. Shouldn’t it do that? Well, it’s not working.

I am in a knitting funk. I do have projects on the go, but I don’t feel like knitting on them and, what’s worse, I don’t even want to start other things. This is unheard of! I usually find replacements in no time, have onehundredeleven projects picked and started before you know what hit you. This time around it’s all blah.

Maybe I should take a page from my own book (so to speak), do some house cleaning and hopefully get my mojo back after everything – including my brain – is de-cluttered? Maybe just talking (or writing) about it will help me find a solution and I’ll be back in the saddle by tomorrow? I don’t know.

I can only hope you all are in a better place (mentally speaking, otherwise it sounds a little bit morbid) and happily knitting away. In any case, I’ll be back next week!

– Mona


9 thoughts on “The Winter Blues

  1. Lynn Desjardins says:

    Don’t worry Mona. I plan to come to see you with a little problem. It will cheer you up immeasurably to know that you are not dumb like me 🙂

    On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 3:38 PM, espacetricot

  2. Patricia leahy says:

    Hi Mona;
    Hate to hear you are in a slump ….. but I have this little niggling little feeling it won’t be long you’ll be up and knitting like crazy again.
    Take this time to relax, keep warm and let Hannah entertain you !
    Patricia ♥

  3. Patricia Kido says:

    I have a great cure for the winter knitting blues. Pick out the brightest yarn you can find and knit something for the spring or summer. Works for me.

  4. noebelldreams says:

    I think it is always helpful – and probably essential – to take a break from the things we love and dive into something different for awhile. Whether it’s organizing your space, reading a novel, seeing a movie or making hot chocolate after shoveling snow, a temporary break can be most creative. Enjoy something different! 🙂

  5. Jeannetricote says:

    Mona ! Hope you get your mojo back !!! Yes it’s crappy and cold but hey guess what it won’t stay like that. Promised ! Take a break do something that makes no sense but feels good. Remember we really appreciate you and think highly of you ! You are not alone, you have your own-extended family here !

  6. Susan says:

    Am in a knitting space for me. This almost nonstop bitter cold is the pits. Have finally started to knit Wrapagon in luscious alpaca. Knitting is helping me. Reading helps me too- I actually have been reading some different genres this winter. . Hope that you find something to help you out Mona. Spring has got to arrive early for all of us to feel better.

  7. Sharon says:

    I truly think Mona that it is time for you to edit and collate all your postings. Then publish them…even if it an informal self-done published collection. They are apt as well as thoughtful, entertaining and interesting. Why not? Think of the size of your current audience…people comment because first they read your posting but also because it echoes their feelings and situation.

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