A List Of Useful “How To’s”

It doesn’t feel like it but it is the first day of Spring. Let’s hope the weather gets the memo soon! We at Espace Tricot are all set for warmer weather, except for a couple more deliveries we have all the Summer yarns we planned to get in stock and I, for one, have been happily knitting away with linen. Well, I did think it a teeny weeny bit pathetic, knitting a summer sweater when it is -10°C outside, with a wind chill of -18 or so, then again, it will be all done and ready when I actually need it. So much for that.

Today I am putting together a bit of linkage to some posts I made a while ago which are very useful and good to know. This way you have them all together and only one click away should you need any!

How to do a provisional Cast-on

How to work a loose long-tail Cast-on

How to never run out of yarn using the long-tail Cast-on

How to do M1R and M1L

How to finish/weave in the end of something knit in the round

How to fix the stitch mount

How to do mini cables (2 stitches) left and right without a cable needle

How to carry up yarn when knitting stripes

Happy knitting, as ever!

– Mona


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