And Now Back To…Knitting

After posting about the ‘pxtog’ last week, I do realize that there might be questions about the ‘kxtog’. Of course there is a way to make those easier, too. The idea is the same, however, instead of slipping the stitches first and then passing them over, you have to knit 2 together first and then pass the remaining stitches over. Not difficult, but I want to show you anyways.

Shown is k5tog.

IMG_9627Knit two together.

IMG_9628Slide stitches just knit back to left hand needle.

IMG_9629Start passing the adequate number of stitches over the k2tog. (For k5tog, pass 3 additional stitches over the k2tog.)

IMG_9630There. K5tog. (Or 8, or 10 etc.)

Happy Knitting, as ever!

– Mona


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