Summer store sample round-up 2014

Blogging has been slow the last few weeks but we’re working on some exciting projects for the Fall and trying to sneak in a little R&R as well. Rest assured – things will pick up! In the meantime, our store sample collection continues to grow.  Browse below for inspiration (project links at bottom of page).  Many, if not all, of these have been posted here before but it’s nice to be able to see them all in one place.  Hope your warm-weather projects are going well! What? You don’t knit in the summer? That makes no sense at all!

– Melissa

summer_store_sample_roundup20141. Summer Fling
2. Paulina
3. Villeneuve
4. On the Beach
5. Aisé
6. A Slice of Linen
7. Weekend Wrap
8. Westbourne
9. Tessa
10. Dangling Conversation
11. Coral
12. Whispers
13. Annis
14. Cool Hemp Ponchette
15. Hakusa
16. Margot
17. Verdant
18. Simple Hemp Tote
19. +SSS
20. Ombre Tank
21. Augustine Shawlette
22. Liesl
23. Gretel
24. Flow
25. Wrapigan
26. Asymmetric Vest
27. Weekend Wrap
28. Linsey Fringe
29. Asymmetric Jacket
30. Henslowe

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