New store sample: Shibui Mix No. 34


I fell in love with Shibui’s Mix No. 34 by Susan Lawrence the moment I laid eyes on the sample at a trade show last May. This stunning, fully reversible cowl was a pleasure to knit – luxury yarns combined with an interesting and easily memorized pattern. The 36″ circumference only allows it to be worn as a single loop but the simple addition of a shawl stick creates a closer fit for added warmth outdoors. Shibui Staccato and Silk Cloud held together create a soft, billowy fabric with lovely drape and a shimmering haze. A beautiful and unique addition to your winter accessory wardrobe!

Click here for additional photos and project details on our Ravelry page.

– Melissa



4 thoughts on “New store sample: Shibui Mix No. 34

  1. Shirley Schnurbach says:

    I have already screwed up with this project. I cast on, did my five rows purl, one row knit and then started pattern only to find out I cast on the wrong amount of stitches. When taking off the needles to start again, I really messed up on a fair amount of wool and hopefully will have enough to do this project. I may buy x-tra just in case and give it back if I do not need it.

    Really depressing. Seems like a fun project if I get it going correctly.

    See you.

    Shirley Schnurbach

    Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 19:06:56 +0000 To:

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