On the needles…

drachenschwanzOur Fall order of Mille Colori Baby arrived recently and I immediately stashed a few balls to knit up Drachenschwanz by Solwey Hauptmann – a fun and easy shawl pattern that lends itself so well to long-line colour changing yarns.  In fact, it was florentine’s version on Ravelry that gave me the idea (see photo below).  This fingering weight yarn is soft enough for babies but also lovely for anything from accessories to garments.  100% Merino Superwash Wool, 50g/190m, Machine Wash Cold, Dry Flat, Made in Italy 

We currently have 16 gorgeous colourways of Mille Colori Baby in stock! Which colour has your name on it? Can’t make it into the store? Shop online here.

lang_mille_colori(Photo: ameria)

Drachenschwanz promises to be a quick knit so stay tuned for Espace Tricot project photos…

– Melissa

drachenschwanz2(Photo: florentine)


18 thoughts on “On the needles…

  1. Carlota says:

    A must to knit for the Fall! Wish the English version is much easier to understand. Are u able to provide a much better version? I think I kind of understand it, but not so sure and I don’t want to waste the yarn. Please expect a call from me to order the yarn, when I get back for vacation. Thank you!

    • espacetricot says:

      Maybe this helps?

      Cast on 3 sts. 

      Row 1 – k, kfb, kfb
      (all subsequent “Row 1s” – k, kfb, k, kfb, k to end) 

      Rows 2, 4, 6, 8 – knit across 

      Rows 3, 5, 7, 9 – k, kfb, k, kfb, k to end 

      Row 10 – cast off 6 sts, knit to end
      Repeat rows 1-10 three more times (40 rows total), then continue in pattern except cast off 7 sts every 10th row rather than 6.
      Knit as long as you or your wool want.

  2. Kay Jump says:

    i love the scarf (Drachenschwanz I believe is the name) and would love to know where I might find a copy of the pattern. The yard is also something to behold.
    Kay Jump
    Bella Vista, Arkansas

  3. noella says:

    Bonjour, je sais pas si quelqu’un peu me répondre je me suis débrouiller jusqu’au rgs 10, le 10ème rgs je comprend a moitier, merci i quelqu’un peu me repondre

    • espacetricot says:


      Les 10 rangs se répétent toujours:
      Rangs 1, 3, 5, 7 et 9: 1 m. à l’end., tricoter 2 mailles dans la prochaine maille, 1 m. à l’end., tricoter 2 mailles dans la prochaine maille, tricoter à l’end. jusqu’à la fin.
      Rangs 2, 4, 6 et 8: tricoter toutes les mailles à l’endroit.à
      Rang 10: rabattre 7 mailles, tricoter à l’endroit jusqu’à la fin.

      Bon tricot!

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