Winging their way to us – British Telephone Boxy Bags!

zigzagbritish2zigzagbritish3If you’ve been to our store, you know we are long-time fans of Boxy Bags from ZigZag Stitches. In addition to being beautifully made with quality fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship, they make absolutely ideal carrying cases for a wide range of knitting and crochet projects.  When we caught wind of this fantastic new British Telephone Box version we swooned and then immediately placed an order. The phone box is printed on organic cotton sateen fabric and features illustrations of windows on three sides, with a “view” of the interior. The back displays the banner “Keep Calm and Cast On”.  The zipper pull is a metal British-themed charm on a lobster clasp, which can be used as a removable stitch marker (it fits a needle up to 4.5 mm or US size 7).  These will be available later this week in limited supply.
zigzag_british1Also arriving are more Cable Needle Cases

zigzag_cablecases and Zippered Wedge Pouches!

zigzag_zippered_pouch– Melissa


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