Chevron Baby Blanket: Video Tutorial

zigzag5_medium2Our Chevron Baby Blanket has enjoyed a fair share of attention over the last year (it’s been ‘favourited’ more than 8000 times on Ravelry!) and, although it is a very simple design, the pattern uses one or two stitches that have confused some beginner knitters.  We’re happy to let you know that a video tutorial explaining all aspects of the blanket from long-tail cast-on to casting off and blocking is now available on YouTube.  iKNITS contacted us some time ago to obtain permission to feature this in her pattern tutorial collection and we wholeheartedly gave it. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We hope many of you will find this helpful!

Have a look:

Or watch it directly on YouTube here.

– Melissa

5 thoughts on “Chevron Baby Blanket: Video Tutorial

  1. Diane Roth says:

    I’m making it, and the one thing I am confused about is the “10 rows”. It seems like that would not be enough rows before changing to the next color. (right now I have just done six.) I was wondering if the 10 stood for 10 of the two-row repeats.

  2. Sheila says:

    I am just starting the Chevron baby blanket. I must be missing something because I do not have 5 repeats of the pattern and I do have more than 13 stitches after the last repeat
    I did watch the iKnits video, I am doing the stitches correctly. Any thoughts as to what I am doing wrong

    • espacetricot says:

      Hello Sheila,

      Unfortunately it is not easy for me to see what is happening with your stitch count when I cannot see your knitting. Sometimes it is just the first set-up of the pattern that is problematic – and I have lived through many 3 times is the charm myself.

      I would love to help you, but if as you say, you are increasing and decreasing correctly, there is not much I can do without looking at your knitting.


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