New in store: LOQI Bags & Pouches

A new line of carry-alls arrived in store today! Loqi collaborates with designers from around the world to create original, eco-friendly, and affordable alternatives to disposable bags. Below are just a few of the designs we currently have in stock.

Loqi Bags


loqi_bagsStrong , eco-friendly, reusable, chemical-free, long-lasting, water-resistant, washable. And extremely good looking.  A great on-the-go bag for all your shopping (and knitting / crafting) needs! Weighs just 1.9 oz but can carry up to 44 lbs.

Loqi ZIP Pockets

loqi_pouchesCellphone, wallet, and keys.  Stitch markers, cable needle, extra yarn. Each new adventure calls for its own set of tools. Loqi Zip Pockets come in families of 3.


– Melissa


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