Here Goes The Queen…

Today I am talking about something I know a lot about. It is something I have to deal with every day, sometimes more and sometimes less. Also, it is a big deal before the upcoming Holiday season. Well, no. I am not talking about knitting – I am talking about Procrastination. Ever met the lady? (Funny, the word procrastination seems feminine to me, it could be a guy also, if you disagree.) I am the Queen of Procrastination. Yes, with a capital P because her greedy little hands have me in such a tight grip that it deserves a big P.

I am a planner. I can make plans until I have smoke coming out of my ears. Every year I plan to start earlier, make a list, figure out what to knit for whom – and every year around December 15 I get hit in the face with the fact that I am nowhere near where I wanted to be and have to cut short my holiday knitting. It has worked out so far, but the stress is getting to me and it really should not.

December 2014It is big P’s fault. It doesn’t even take a lot to give in and succumb to her lures. She is always lurking in the background and reaching out – and she gets to me more often than I like to admit. The reasons? I am easily distracted. On my way down from the second floor to the basement to do the laundry I can find a lot of things that make me veer off and find myself 15 minutes later in the kitchen/living room doing something that has absolutely nothing to do with laundry. (Why,  yes, I do not like doing laundry. In case you wondered.) I am also not fond of ‘having to do’ things. And, as everyone knows, having a family and a house and a job – there are always ‘having to do things’ to do. So I put them off. I don’t really know how I manage that, because I wake up every morning and make a ‘plan’ for the day, I know what to do when – and yet I find myself often not doing the things I ‘have to do’. I also think I do work really well under pressure. (Probably because I don’t have a choice by then!)

I hope you can relate, because if not, this whole blog post will just seem to be a confession that I might be a sloppy housewife. I might be, but not with intent. It just so happens. And it just so happens that even when I have a list for Holiday knitting I still manage to procrastinate until I have no choice and ‘have to’ knit. Ironic, isn’t it?

This year, this year I swore it would be different. So when I talked to a customer in the store last week about how satisfied I am that I have ‘already’ started with  my Holiday knitting I was very surprised to find that she thought it was already late. Maybe my viewpoint is skewed, but having one gift done, working on another – I can’t believe it isn’t even December yet!

How about you? Do you procrastinate? Ever?

Write me a comment with the best (or rather: worst!) procrastination of your life and I am going to crown a new Queen next week because, you know, this year I will be all done with knitting by the 24th of December – and then probably decide that I can definitely squeeze in another pair of mittens until the next day since there’s for sure another person who deserves a pair of hand knit mittens for Christmas…no, that is not procrastination, that is just knitter’s mania.

There will be a reward for outing yourself and your big P, a little surprise and thank you for indulging me!

Happy Knitting, as ever!

– Mona

12 thoughts on “Here Goes The Queen…

  1. Madeleine says:

    I know how you feel. Every January I promise myself that I will start knitting my X-mas presents and guess what, now Nov. 21st. I am way,way,way behind. So like all the other years I will end up buying some gifts. Shame on me.😔

  2. kim says:

    I used to be a terrible procrastinator, or perhaps I was a really good one, but in any event, my family was tired of receiving cards with IOUs, so I began a new system. Starting in January, I complete one project each month. No cheating, all the way finished. Blocked, tails woven in, and wrapped in tissue paper with a note about the intended recipient.

    I now procrastinate cleaning my house, oh well 🙂

  3. Arlene Lund says:

    Ah, procrastination. Yes, I too am a victim. When I was 11 or 12 I did a project on Jacques Cartier. I started it just fine but then let it slip. Finally it was due on Monday and on Sunday I chose to go skating in the afternoon. My mother had hounded me all weekend “What about Jacques Cartier”? Let’s just say that there were tears and my mother ended up doing a splendid job of finishing up the Jacques Cartier project at around midnight on Sunday. I don’t use the word “procrastinate” often – instead I still say “I really Jacques Cartier-ed it”. And yes, I am currently Jacques Cartier-ing some knit hats!

  4. Katrina says:

    I am the Empress of Procrastination. In my case, it also has another huge ‘P’ attached to it: Perfectionism. That second P just makes everything that much worse, as I’ve developed wonderful cycles wherein I delay starting something because I don’t want to do it, then when I really have to start it perfectionism rears its (perfectly coiffed) head and whispers that there’s not nearly enough time to do the job well enough to make me proud, so I might as well not do it at all. I am well aware that this logic is twisted and counter-productive, but I’ve been a procrastinating perfectionist for so many years that it’s just become more and more ingrained.
    This is at its worst at school: I’ve been in university for almost six years now, and I’ve only had one class where I’ve handed in all of my assignments on time. This means that I’m either an A or hand-nothing-in-and-fail student. I’m working on it, but progress is slow and painful.
    In the knitting part of my life, however, I’ve made the decision to never care about deadlines. This is my hobby, and I simply won’t work on a project if I’m not enjoying it or tremendously excited for the end project. If I’m going to make something for someone else, I either don’t tell them I’m making it, or I let them know that they could get it next week or a year and a half from now. I choose my knitting recipients very carefully (and I get really tired of having both friends and people on the street ask me to make them something- they just don’t get it!), and they’ll be grateful whenever they receive a handknitted piece of my love.

  5. Laura McCaffrey says:

    I won’t share a procrastination story because – 1. There are too many to choose from and, 2 – well, I just saw something shiny in the corner so I’ll go check that out and get back to this entry. Mona, we don’t know each other but after reading your post I’m convinced we share some DNA. if only for the shiny stuff. Thanks for the blog!

  6. Patricia King says:

    I completely understand. I thought I was the queen of procrastination. It’s the story of my life. Right now I hope to make 5 cowls and 5 boot toppers befor dec 23rd. That may not sound like a lot to all you expert knitters, but I’m an intermediate and not very fast. Wish me luck please.

  7. penny131070 says:

    I spend every day busy doing half jobs. I go into a room to clean pick up something that has been dumped take to the room it should be in, see something that needs doing in there and completely forget I was cleaning another room. I will flit from room to room starting jobs and rarely finish any. My husband phones and asks what I’ve been up to and never confess. My knitting is however completely different. I usually finish a project before I start another but it has been known to sit for a week waiting to be sewn up and the buttons added. Saying that, I’ve been lovingly knitting an aran jacket for my newborn nephew until I saw the perfect coloured wool that matched his eyes to make him also a hat and mittens for Christmas. They are now finished apart from adding a pompom and the jacket, well I need to sew it up before they visit in two weeks time and I’ve still got to make his mum a cowl and hat!

  8. Letitia says:

    Procrastination is my constant companion. I put off trying to find a pair of shoes for my wedding for so long that I ended up going barefoot. I must admit to starting my Christmas knitting mid year on a couple of occasions, but not this year. I’ve just been asked by my beloved those dreaded words ‘how long does it take you to knit a pair of socks?’ so I guess I’ll be whipping up a pair for his work Kris Kringle, Then he can sit back with a smug expression and say that he has finished his Christmas shopping. Harrumph.

  9. Marie-Laurence Morin says:

    Haha! Your reign is so over: Procrastination is my middle name!

    You know that I am actually knitting the aftertought heels of a pair of socks I promissed to a friend for her bithday in January… of LAST year! Note that I have not only procrastinated to knit the gift: I also procrastinated to make the heels! 😛 It has 2 tubes with a big hole and no heels and I’m supposed to give them to her this Friday. That’s what I told her when I could not give it to her the last time we saw a month ago (“I’m practicaly done!”). So what am I knitting since two days? Well… another project, of course! CH colored socks for my brother (had to beggin Xmast gift to feel more “up to date”, you know…), knowing he is (still) waiting for his bulky sockets I promissed I’d finish before getting on any other project. What happened? I’m not sure… Something about not finding my 9mm needles and being so exited about my CH colored Felix from Biscotte & Co (I was in St-Bruno this weekend… I could I ever resist!). At least, one of the pair is done! Maybe I should tell him the gift was “a socket” not “sockets” and give him the other one next April for his next birthday…

    So, you wanted to know if we were worst than you for Xmast gift knitting? I don’t know for you, but do you remeber me trying to Icord as fast as possible a cable for a necklace the afternoon before my gift exchange? Well it was not the worst. I once decided a square multicolored cotton dishcloth would be a triangle one because I was not done knitting it when I heard “Ok, c’est l’heure! On fait le vol de cadeau dans 2 minutes!”… :-O

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