Not Epitomizing The Notion

Thank you for your comments on my last post – it feels good to know I am not procrastinating on my own. Fingers crossed that I have at least my gift knitting sorted for this year!

After giving it some thought and reading your stories, I have to say that I could not chose one but threw all 10 of your  names in a jar, closed my eyes and drew one. There.

Patricia King was the lucky one. Congrats! I have a little something for you, and if you cannot come by the store to pick it up, please do drop us an e-mail at and I’ll get it on the way – and I’ll try hard not to get distracted!

If you are still trying to figure out the knitting or not knitting gifts thing – read what I had to say last year about it. I might help – and keep you from a knitting overload, procrastination or no!

Happy Knitting, as ever!

– Mona



One thought on “Not Epitomizing The Notion

  1. osmviv says:

    I enjoyed your procrastination post and your post from last year. Both are helpful in their own way! I didn’t reply last week, but I’m also a primo procrastinator. I agree with your assessment about only knitting for people who appreciate what you’re giving them. Last year was my first year back to knitting, so I guess I went a little wild and knitted everyone a quick-and-easy cowl. I gave a good friend of mine one of them last year and she promptly shrunk it! This year, only a few choice people are getting any of my hard work! Happy knitting to you, too!

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