In need of small gift and stocking stuffer ideas?

Here are a few items that any fiber-loving crafter on your list will be happy to receive!



Gentle and lightly scented, Soak is an ideal wash for cashmere, wool, cotton and other delicate fabrics.  Available in large (425 ml) and small bottles (90 ml) in the following scents: Aquae, Yuzu, Celebration, Lacey, and Scentless.




A fun and functional accessory for every toolkit. Tail pulls out to reveal the tape measure. Metric and English measurements on opposite sides of 5′ long tape. Roughly 2 1/4″ in diameter.



We couldn’t live without this wonder tool. Fuzzing and pilling are a fact of life with knitted garments and some fibers and blends are worse than others. Regular use of the Gleener will keep your pieces looking new and will even resuscitate some you thought were beyond repair. Not convinced? See before and after photos and product videos on the Gleener website.

HIGHLIGHTER TAPEstocking_highlighterA removable alternative to highlighter pens, LEE Highlighter Tape is great for use with knitting charts and patterns.


stocking_giftcardAvailable in any denomination! Can’t make it into the store to pick one up? Can also be purchased over the telephone and delivered by regular post or e-mail. Just give us a ring at 514 486-5648.

– Melissa

One thought on “In need of small gift and stocking stuffer ideas?

  1. Sabrina Miller says:

    Heeeeey, look at these stocking stuffer ideas for knitters! Th Soak and Gleener look pretty neat, eh? *cough cough cough* XOXOX S

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