New store sample: Exploration Station

sw_exploration4Several of us at the store have now completed the knitting of our Stephen West Mystery KAL Exploration Station Shawls but I think we’ve all been at different stages of finishing for the last few weeks (sewing in ends, blocking). I was happy with the size of my shawl and wasn’t too fussy about needing sharp points on my cast-off edge so, after a lazy Sunday morning in bed taking care of the ends, I gave the shawl a simple steam block and then took photos this afternoon.

A big thank you to Stephen West for a brilliantly fun and interesting project. We even learned a thing or two (or three!). The pattern is clearly written and the video tutorial support was extremely helpful. I’m so happy with the finished result and am only sorry that this shawl will spend most of its time hanging in the store as inspiration and not on my person 🙂

For additional photos and details visit our project page on Ravelry.

– Melissa


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