Sometimes you don’t want to knit socks…

hat_scrumptious2 Scrumptious Purl Stripe Me Up sock yarn by our very own Samantha has been a run-away hit with customers over the last two months.  The colours, the precision dyeing, and the stunning presentation make Stripe Me Up impossible to resist – even for those among us who don’t generally knit socks.  I decided to see how this yarn – designed to yield 4 perfect rows per stripe on an average sized sock – would do knit up as a hat for my 10 year old son. Result? Brilliant!

hat_scrumptious1Although I didn’t get exactly 2 rows per stripe – you need to look pretty closely to see find small variations. Fun to knit and even more fun to wear, we can’t recommend this yarn highly enough for smaller accessories – wrist warmers, fingerless gloves, and neck warmers are also great options to try.

For the hat, I used Erika Knight’s basic hat pattern in Regia Design Line Journal #610.  I increased the needle size and knit the smaller version. Cast on 136 stitches in order to be able to knit a 2×2 instead of 1×1 rib.

Yarn and pattern booklet available in store. Booklet also contains patterns for socks and fingerless gloves.

Visit our Ravelry page for additional photos and project details.

All 18 colourways of Scrumptious Purl Stripe Me Up currently in stock (16 shown)…



2 thoughts on “Sometimes you don’t want to knit socks…

  1. Rosanne DelTorto says:

    Lovely Hat!
    I’m now finishing up my fourth pair of socks.I love this yarn.
    They will make beautiful Christmas gifts.Thanks !

  2. Bettina says:

    What a cute hat!! LOVE it! I am totally in love with Samantha’s yarn; just knitting a pair of socks as a Christmas present and I have another ball waiting to be turned into a pair of socks for myself! And I usually don’t like knitting socks … :-))

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