Free pattern Friday: Over the Sea to Skye

(Photos: Kalurah Hudson)

A gorgeous free summer shawl pattern for a brilliant start to your weekend.  Over the Sea to Skye by Kalurah Hudson is perhaps best described by the designer herself…

“The asymmetric lines and shifting patterns of this lightweight shawl will carry you away on an ocean breeze. Reminiscent of the sweeping landscape of beachy Dunes and the rippling of the waves as they rush onto the sand. This oversized shawl is the perfect accessory for a chilly summer night but light enough for a warm, balmy day as you journey over the Sea. It’s beauty is in its sheer simplicity. Easy to memorize increases and clean transitions between garter, lace mesh and eyelet lace. The shawl’s asymmetric shape lends a generous width for wrapping. And the sweet little picots and eyelet edging add just enough romantic whimsy.”

A perfect pattern for Butterfly Super 10 Cotton – a 100% cotton DK weight yarn with beautiful sheen.

EDIT (July 22, 2015): Please note that this pattern is no longer free. The designer is now selling it for $4.00 USD.

– Melissa


2 thoughts on “Free pattern Friday: Over the Sea to Skye

  1. andrea says:

    I just purchased this pattern as a kit on ravelry and noticed that in the 1st section it says 24 stitches on row 12. i keep getting 21. who’ wrong?!! lol.

    • espacetricot says:

      Hello Andrea,

      Since it is a paid for pattern now I do not have access to the instructions without purchasing it – if you are so good as to copy the instructions for row 1-12 here, I am sure I can help!


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