New Koigu colours in stock!


We have 17 new colours in from Koigu this week – both KPPPM (multi-colored) and KPM (semi-solids) bringing us to well over 100 colourways on our Koigu wall…


The images above will have to suffice until we get professional pictures back from our photographer but the new colourways have all been added to our online store – just look by colour number.

Below are a few of our Koigu store samples for a little inspiration…we love this yarn!
Click images for project details.

Koigu Carlisle (based on Carlisle by Craig Rosenfeld)


FIONA’S TOP (Fiona’s Top by Saane Bjerregaard)


We ‘Heart’ Koigu Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot


Melody’s Shawl (Based on Melody’s Shawl by Melody Moore)


–  Melissa


2 thoughts on “New Koigu colours in stock!

  1. Francine Gagné says:

    Merci infiniment de vos beaux patrons. J’aime tellement votre site et votre magasin. Je trouve tout ce que je cherche. Je vous ai rencontré lors du “Tricot Champêtre” à Compton avec Julie Asselin et j’ai trouvé pleins d’accessoires à votre comptoir cette journée là. Je pars d’Ottawa pour arrêter chez-vous avant de continuer à Magog.

  2. Marilyn kranich says:

    I am so jealous! I live in Pittsburgh and just love, love, love Koigu! Unfortunately the postage is just too expensive for me to purchase, although a few months ago I saw and purchased a kit from Toronto.i love being on your mailing list! Luck in 2016!

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