New in store: Reading glasses from SCOJO New York!


So Lisa and I have reached “the age”. We can no longer deny, dissemble, or avoid. We are now resigned to reading glasses as an unavoidable functional necessity. That said, we have decided  to embrace this transition as an opportunity to indulge in a little accessory shopping. Why shouldn’t reading glasses be stylish? Imagine how happy we were to stumble upon these gorgeous specs at the TNNA tradeshow in June? We placed an order and are happy to share that our first shipment from SCOJO New York arrived this week!

“SCOJO New York, revered for its chic collection of reading eyewear, produces the latest in ready-to-wear reading essentials. Must-have designs come alive with bold and exquisite collections. Look to Scojo New York for beautifully feminine collections for women, and sleek, distinctive solutions for men. Utilizing the finest Italian acetates and metal components available today, Scojo eyeglasses marry form and function with effortless grace. All styles bear the Scojo trademarks of design, quality and affordability.”

Love the frames but don’t need reading glasses? SCOJO eyeglasses are optometry grade; simply switch the reading lenses out for prescription lenses.

Click here to browse / shop SCOJO eyeglasses on our online store.

–  Melissa


One thought on “New in store: Reading glasses from SCOJO New York!

  1. Marie-Lucie says:

    So, you finally joined the club, ladies!!!
    I patiently waited for THAT moment when ESPACE TRICOT will sell that precious and priceless life accessory!!!!
    As new yarn, Ican’t wait to see the collection!!!
    Thank you and welcome!!!

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