On the needles: Noro Taiyo scarf


Working up a fun, striped tube scarf in Noro Taiyo this weekend. Cast on 64 stitches on 5.5 mm needles and joied to knit in the round. Alternating yarns from two different colours (#66 and #76) every 4 rows, carrying yarns up on the inside. I figure 2 balls of each colour will give me ample length. Taking a break from my Doodler: Mystery Knit-Along project because I don’t like the way my colours are looking knit up and can’t decide on which one(s) to change…(maybe all of them?) 😦

Shop Noro Taiyo online.


– Melissa


One thought on “On the needles: Noro Taiyo scarf

  1. McGregor Julie says:

    Which two colors of the Noro Taiyo are you using in this scarf project ? I’m thinking Taiyo comes in 2 weights; if so, which weight ? Thank you !!

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