Have you heard?

Espace Tricot now stocking Noro!


We are thrilled to finally be stocking these stunning yarns from Japan! Noro produces incredibly unique yarns, seeking to “harmonize natural unevenness, asymmetric patterns and complex color to portray the beauty of nature. Noro garments are art!”.

Noro is dedicated to carefully selecting materials to produce yarn that doesn’t lose its natural properties. Impurities in the raw wool are carefully removed by hand without the use of chemicals or machines. While this process prevents damage to the fiber, it is impossible to remove impurities as completely as chemicals and machines. That said, please don’t be alarmed if you find it necessary to remove the occasional piece of plant material from your yarn as you’re knitting along.

Noro’s colours are rich and strong and expertly worked together in gorgeous and, often unexpected, combinations. High quality dyes are used to ensure colourfastness and minimal discoloration, staining, or fading. The beauty of Noro is in its imperfection. Unlike other yarn, Noro is handmade and cannot be continuously spun without knots.  You may find a knot or two in your ball or hank. Don’t be upset, just go with it 🙂

New store samples in Noro yarns coming soon. In the meantime, find some project inspiration below!

Shop Noro yarns on our website.

Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood (Free pattern!)


(Project photo: jared flood)

Taiyo Linier Top by Sian Price-White


(Project photo: Sian Price-White)

Waiting for Winter Mittens & Fingerless Mitts by Susan B. Anderson


(Project photo: susan b anderson)

Entrelac Scarf by Allison LoCicero (Free pattern!)


(Project photo: Heidi Pitre)

Spectra by Stephen West


(Project photo: westknits)

Windward by Heidi Kirrmaier


(Project photo: knitabulous)

Hitchhiker by Martina Behm


(Project photo: TangledYarns)

Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig


(Project photo: LesserFrigatebird)

Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur


(Project photo: MagdalenaEska)

Baktus Scarf by Strikkelise


(Project photo: fanalaine)

–  Melissa


One thought on “Have you heard?

  1. Denise Rolland says:

    Bonjour à l’équipe……J’aime beaucoup le patron Windward….par Heidi….quel fil me suggérez-vous……….Je vais passer à la boutique mardi matin……J’attends de vos nouvelles.


    Denise R.

    Envoyé de mon iPad


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