What pleasure, to give and receive

As a knitter, I am usually on the giving end of handmade gifts (the steady stream of beautiful needlework pieces and art quilts from my mother, notwithstanding). I give these with love and absolute pleasure.  Twice a year, though, on Christmas and my birthday, I am the lucky recipient of a hand knit gift from Mona.  Usually gorgeous socks (Mona knows I would never knit these for myself) or lovely winter accessories.  Each and every time, I am filled with incredible gratitude but feel my happy exclamations never adequately convey my appreciation. There is something special about receiving a gift someone has taken the time to make just for you.  It inspires a reaction that can catch you by surprise. I wish this sweet experience on everyone, at least once in their lives.

Thanks again Mona!

I absolutely LOVE my Antler Mittens knit with Madelinetosh Chunky in one of my favourite colourways – Grasshopper. Aren’t they beautiful?


–  Melissa


3 thoughts on “What pleasure, to give and receive

  1. Barb R. says:

    These are stunning! They are beautiful to look at and even more wonderful to wear, I am sure. Lucky you!

    Happy New Year to you!!

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