New in store: Needle Nooks and Garment Labels

NEEDLE NOOKS – 6″ AND 8″needle_nook1

Lisa and I were introduced to these at Vogue Knitting Live in January and were instantly smitten by both their form and function. These lovely little cherry wood Needle Nooks provide safe haven for your double pointed needles when you’re working on socks, hats, sweater sleeves, etc.  In between knitting sessions, simply line up the needles, tuck them into the nook, and slide the magnetized ‘door’ into place – no more lost or broken DPNs!

Available in 6″ and 8″ lengths.

Shop Needle Nooks in our online store.





We’re always on the lookout for perfect little sew-in labels for our knitted garments and blankets but finding them printed in both English and French has always been a challenge. We decided to take matters into our own hands and had these eight versions printed (4 English, 4 French). Problem solved!

Shop Espace Tricot Garment Labels in our online store!








– Melissa

One thought on “New in store: Needle Nooks and Garment Labels

  1. rachel says:

    Hi Melissa,
    would love to have your labels, with my name and hand wash written on it
    but I need 100 and that would be to expensive
    thank you

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