Skinny Singles from Hedgehog Fibres!

Our first shipment of Skinny Singles from Hedgehog Fibres arrived a couple of weeks ago but we held off blogging until we could have it all photographed. Happily, we received the images from our photographer today and they have now been added to our website.  We’re loving this spectacularly vibrant and unique hand-dyed single-ply 100% merino yarn from Beata Jezek. It’s squishy and soft, with just the right amount of twist.  The colours shift beautifully from one to another and it is carefully dyed to prevent striping or pooling as much as possible. Skinny Singles create a variegated effect that looks great in plain stockinette or advanced stitch motifs.  A brilliant choice for shawls and accessories.

Shop Skinny Singles now in our online store!


If you follow Stephen West’s Mystery Knit-Alongs, you’ll know that this was the yarn called for in The Doodler Shawl pattern. A few photos for inspiration below 🙂


(Project photo:  Stephen West)


(Project photo: anglebe)


(Project photo: sksksk)


(Project photo:  Hedgehog Fibres)

–  Melissa


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