Free pattern Friday: Ojete (now Onete) from Fairmount Fibers

Just a day late… 🙂


(Photo: Fairmount Fibers Design Team)

Ojete by the Fairmount Fibers Design Team is a beautifully simple and sunny summer shawl knit with just one skein of Manos del Uruguay’s Fino yarn.  Elegant and refined, Fino combines the softness of merino wool with the lustre of silk in a lightweight yarn that’s perfect for luxurious accessories like this one.

Knit on 5mm needles, this gorgeous shawl will knit up in no time!

Shop Manos del Uruguay’s Fino in our online store.


(Photo: Fairmount Fibers Design Team)

–  Melissa

ETA: For some reason this pattern is now called “Onete” and you can find it here: Onete Scarf


6 thoughts on “Free pattern Friday: Ojete (now Onete) from Fairmount Fibers

  1. says:

    Hi Beverly, Enjoyed yesterday.

    This is one of the regular e-mails I receive — out of a shop in Montreal. J

  2. Alexandra says:

    Oh no! I tried to fin this pattern online and it was no longer available. Is there any chance you may have a copy of it in store?


      • Graciela (UY) says:

        I’m sure the reason for the name change is that the word ‘ojete’ in Uruguay is a pretty bad word, and being this is made with yarn from Manos del Uruguay… it only makes sense…

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