Update + New store photos

My apologies for the longer than expected blogging hiatus! As many of you know, my little family and I moved to the US a couple of years ago when my husband embarked on a new job with a company based in NYC.  While the move has presented some challenges (e.g. not having daily access to yarn!) Lisa and I have managed to make the arrangement work through a natural division of labour that has functioned incredibly well. We’re in touch several times a day and make all major decisions together but Lisa logically takes greater charge of in-store operations while I lead webstore and social media efforts. That said, I’ve worn grooves in the highway between here and Montreal, trying to be in the store as often as I can. While most visits are usually crazy, rushed, weekend affairs, in the summer, I spend most of July in Montreal in order to celebrate our anniversary and be there throughout our big sale and inventory process. Needless to say, this extended visit is also rushed and crazed as we try to pack as much as we can into a few short weeks to prepare the store for the Fall. This year was no exception and when I arrived back home on Saturday I was spent!  After a few days of rest, however, I’m ready to start tending this space again. Would you like to see some new post-inventory / reorganization photos of the store to begin? Things are looking so pretty, fresh, and functional!











–  Melissa




5 thoughts on “Update + New store photos

  1. Elida says:

    I haven’t see the store yet (I was spend $) it look like there’s more space!
    Good job! To all of you that make it happen! Was very nice to see you again.elida

  2. Jeannine Lawlor says:

    Wow!! The store looks amazing. Congratulations to you and Lisa and your whole team. You certainly know how to make the best use of every inch of space. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to the store during your sale as I was out of town, but am looking forward to a visit soon.

    Jeannine Lawlor

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