Falling for Murray


We’ve had a beautiful summer here in Montreal, and the Fall is proving to be just as glorious. As knitters, we’re definitely in a quandary, hold onto the beautiful sunny warm days or dig out the woolens and begin our winter projects!

This brings me to my sweet sister-in-law Sandi, who just adopted a little French bulldog with a wonky leg, and is anticipating his need for some warmth and protection against the elements this winter. As the only logical choice in the family, I have been commissioned to knit my first dog sweater. For those who know me well, I can already see the amused grins and hear the chuckling.  Once you meet Murray, though, you just can’t help but be smitten with his unpretentious nature and modest charm.


Now, if I am going to spend my time and energy knitting a dog sweater, it is going to be a luxurious and well-appointed dog sweater! Hence, I have chosen to knit the Cabled Dog Sweater by Linda Cyr with Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky yarn in Tart and, as Mona said, that’s one lucky dog!


I am all wound up and ready to go and, now that I’ve put my commitment out there, my three blanket WIPs will just have to wait – for the love of Murray 🙂

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–  Lisa


2 thoughts on “Falling for Murray

  1. Mary Williams says:

    Oh My God you made my day!! He is adorable!! god Bless your sister for helping him. I have 4 rescues that weren’t perfect and on the to go list to. THey never let you forget How much they love you!! Please send more adventures with Murray and let us know how he fairs now that he has such a wonderful home!! MAry in MN

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