The Life of Riley

A little while ago, Sally, one of our wonderful customers, called to let us know that she had just noticed that we had forgotten to put a skein of yarn in her bag a few days earlier.  We were pretty sure that we had packed up her complete purchase but, as mistakes happen, we were happy to put aside another skein of the yarn until her next visit.  A week or so later we received the following message – not from Sally, but from a very contrite Riley …

Hi ….my name is Riley and Sally is making me confess my story to you …..


You see, it happened like this… I found a plastic bag with some wool “animals” in it.  I thought they were  brought home especially for me.  You know… toys?… for me? …Sigh… Sally was looking so frantically for the wool “animal”, I decided to show her where I had hidden it for later.  I’m a little annoyed that I had to give it up but she gave me some catnip instead …. It’ll do in a pinch.  Still, I liked my wool “animal” better….

Anyway, I’m sorry. Sally no longer needs that extra wool  you so kindly put aside for her.  Have a nice day.


P.S.  Should you have any extra wool “animals” that need a home, I would gladly welcome them… 🙂

Many thanks to Sally and Riley for allowing us to share this story with you!  We all had a great chuckle in the shop over this one. 🙂 

–  Lisa


5 thoughts on “The Life of Riley

  1. Lauren Kowalczewski says:

    That story of Reilly and his woolen ‘animals’ made my day!! That kitty has the most
    precious face….big green eyes and a great expression.
    Telling it in his own words was a very special treat.

  2. Sharon Mooney says:

    What a sweet cat. A lovely story for a Monday morning.

    I have yet to introduce my new cat to knitting. It should happen soon. H is presently interested in clocks…they tick and have hands that mov.


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