We have a podcast!

We just recorded our very first podcast! Let us know if you think it should be a regular thing.

–  Melissa & Lisa


32 thoughts on “We have a podcast!

  1. Patricia Kido says:

    I really enjoyed your podcast. It was great to see the projects and now I must go online and order that WestKnit book and some yarn. Looking forward to the next video. Great job girls!

  2. Priscilla says:

    I had visited a few Montreal knit shops prior to just walking into Espace Tricot when it first opened. I knew immediately that I would love it. That very same day, with help, I started a project. Not only did Lisa, Melissa and Mona inspire me to pick up the needles again, the ambiance was so inviting. Thanks girls, enjoyed the Podcast…..now I have to hurry and get some of that luxurious wool.

  3. Patricia Leahy says:

    I loved the podcast ….. it is so easy and nice to listen tp the 2 of you. Please continue. You bith seem very at ease with the whole process.

  4. Michelle says:

    Quelle bonne initiative ! J’ai bien hâte de revoir le prochain podcast ! ESPACE TRICOT c’est unique grâce à vous et à votre équipe.

  5. Jeannine Lawlor says:

    Congratulations to you both….Great introductory podcast. Thanks for all the new ideas and inspiration.

  6. Francine Gagne says:

    Very good idea. I enjoy your podcast, it was nice to know how you met and you’re doing now in 2 different countries. Keep it going I’m looking forward for the next poscast. I would like to make one suggestion if you don’t mind, try to make it for 30 minutes. It’s easier to seet down and watch you for 30 minutes then an hour. I like you both girls and I love your shop.

  7. Ginette Richard says:

    Wow! Quelle belle initiative à poursuivre! Vous êtes un duo remarquable, empreint de camaraderie sincère. En prime, vous communiquez tellement bien votre passion pour le tricot! Et on voudrait tricoter tous vos projets! Bravo et “On to the next one”!

  8. Tara-Lise Gagnon says:

    Very enjoyable!! I have been an online customer of the store and am so impressed with the service and speed of delivery. The one thing that I feel that online shopping lacks is the sense of community but somehow you nailed it, the addition of a podcast only further embraces that concept.
    On a completely different note… I’m (Lol) still waiting for a podcast that includes “won’t you be my neighbour” with the doning of sweaters in the introduction . Thank you for sharing.

    • espacetricot says:

      OMG, I love the “won’t you be my neighbour” idea. We may need to incorporate that 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the podcast. Always a bit nerve-wracking putting something like that out there!

  9. Kristine Makauskas says:

    I loved your podcast. It was very enjoyable. Keep them coming! After watching I want to add at least three more things to my already long list of things I want to knit. As for the hat name how about “Empire State”

  10. Kathryn says:

    Bravo les filles! Time flies when you’re having fun and you certainly were. It’s so obvious that you’re great friends. You’re natural counterparts to each other, yin and yang. Very interesting hearing how you met and to learn about your yarn journey. Encore, s’il vous plaît! Keep it coming — maybe more frequently (every 3 weeks?) and a 30 minute format for subsequent podcasts would be ideal. J’attends la suite!

  11. Carole Macdonald says:

    Loved the podcast. Great rapport, lovely conversation, wonderful to learn more about the beginnings of your friendship and the store. I liked seeing your projects and seeing what products you have in store. You have a nice mix of content. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  12. Annabelledafffodil says:

    Loved the podcast! I was sitting and knitting while I listened and watched you both, it was like having a “sit and knit” with friends. It’s great to hear about all the wonderful knitting resources we have in Quebec and Canada, and to see what you are both working on – I hope there will be many more podcast episodes to look forward to…
    Thank you for taking the time to do this, it really does make us feel more like a community of Espace Tricot knitters, particularly for those of us who are not living in Montreal!
    Suggestion for a name for the has that Lisa knit = Crossborder hat

  13. Lynn Riley says:

    Love the podcast! Here is my suggestion for naming the hat “New York Minute”. When I was listening to the podcast, the song by the same name started playing in my head….The Eagles – In a New York Minute Everything can change…Merci. Première episode = gros succès!

  14. Barbara Payne says:

    Love, love, love. I just watched the podcast and totally enjoyed it. I love your patterns, and can’t wait for the new sweater–because anything knit with Shibui Silk Cloud is heavenly–and that sweater is stunning. I made your Chevron Stripe Baby Blanket in shades of gray, chartreuse and crème with bright yellow edges and it is one of my favorite patterns ever. And I love your emails. I hope to get to Montreal to visit your shop one of these days.

  15. Marilyn Cameron Hall says:

    enjoyed your podcast and would love to have the pattern for the single ribbed hat. It is really cute.
    Marilyn Hall

  16. Laura B. says:

    I recently moved to Ottawa, but absolutely love your store. I watched the podcast last night and really enjoyed it. I hope you make more!

  17. Colleen Follick says:

    Love it! Thank you for all the inspiration you gave me. Sometimes a person just needs a breath of fresh air and you two were that for me! I wrote down almost everything you highlighted – can’t wait for the sweater pattern you made with the Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal! Keep doing what you do!

  18. tishacullen says:

    I just found you on Pinterest thanks to this pod cast!!!!! Love your real story and relaxed take on starting out on the new adventure of pod casting :):):)
    I LOVED the Shibui black sweater!!!
    I am soooo worried I won’t find the new grey knit sweater you debuted!
    Will you please post more photos of what hats you like to were with your short hair??? Just cut mine and would love the inspiration !
    Thank you for being live and real 🙂

    • Mona says:

      Hello Tisha,

      We’re so happy you like the podcast and the featured knitted items in it!
      Concerning the grey sweater: not to worry, the pattern has not been published yet, we are still working on it. Once we’re done, you can rely on an announcement of the release via a blog post. Also, all featured knitting patterns are listed in a special thread in our ravelry group – you might want to join.

      Concerning hats for short hair: As a person who was only forced to start wearing hats when I moved to Montreal, I find that the hair length matters less than the style of the hat. I always considered myself looking silly in a hat, but once it got cold enough to need one, I quickly got over that. However, it took some tries to find a style that pleased me – and then my hair did not really matter. (On a side note, I am thinking you are asking Melissa what hats she likes to wear – psst, don’t tell anyone, but she really doesn’t wear hats much. 😉 Lisa is the one with a penchant for hats!) Trying on different hats is your best bet to find one you like – then find a pattern of the same kind and get creative!


    • espacetricot says:

      Hello Kathie,

      Thank you for your interest in the sweater! Work is in progress on the pattern. I cannot tell you the exact date, but the publication should happen soon.

      When it’s ready, there will be an announcement on the blog for sure.


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