Espace Tricot Podcast: Episode 3

The 3rd episode of the Espace Tricot Podcast is now live over on YouTube!
Grab a hot beverage and some knitting and tune in.   


Be sure to click here to view the show notes in our Ravelry group.


5 thoughts on “Espace Tricot Podcast: Episode 3

  1. Maria Maruca says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Your podcasts are wonderful to watch, listen and chat along with!! Love your enthusiasm and wonderful chemistry!

    My question: When are you expecting the Brooklyn Tweed yarn?

    Thanks so much for the inspiration,

    Maria >

  2. Sandy or Passion4Socks on Ravelry says:

    I love your podcasts! You give me new ideas for projects, yarns, etc. An idea I have that you may have covered already and if you have, please direct to the place I can find it is . . . Lisa, I love your icord edgings that you have put on shawls. Could you do a podcast or how to on adding these. It adds a beautiful finished edging to shawls and some could really use that finished touch. Thank you so much! Keep up the enthusiasm and podcasts. I will be watching and listening!! Sandy in Seattle

    • espacetricot says:

      Hello Sandy,

      We’re all happy you like the podcasts! Thank you! However, hen it comes to teaching new techniques, this might not be the best solution since that asks for a different format.

      I am sure you can find instructional videos about how to attach an I-cord edging on youtube (this is my go-to when I need some quick tutorial – for anything, really!).


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