Podcast – Episode #9!

Episode #9 of our podcast is up! We’re happy to be joined by our amazing store manager, Francoise, for a while at the beginning of this one. We then talk a little bit about a few new products, review our FOs and WIPS, and wrap up with an overview of more summer samples -garments and accessories knit with linen, cotton, and hemp this time. Grab your project and beverage of choice and come knit / crochet with us a while 🙂



3 thoughts on “Podcast – Episode #9!

  1. Lynn MacLeod says:

    Hi Melissa and Lisa, I totally love your podcast and feel so inspired after every show. I do have one question if you have a chance to address it on one of your podcasts. What comes first the pattern or the yarn. I know being a store owner you are trying to find the pattern to best showcase your yarn. How do you chose for your personal projects, do you pick the yarn you love and then find the perfect project for it or do you look for a pattern first and then try to find the yarn. Thanks again for all the inspiration and the cool tool ideas.
    Lynn from St. Catharines, Ontario.

  2. Nancy M. says:

    Hello, Just wanted to let you know I enjoy your podcast. I find you fun and informative and sometimes a bit silly. You are real people juggling all your responsibilities!!!!!

    I am a very set in my ways as a left hand knitter. I have tried retraining my brain to knit differently and after 30 plus years it is just so frustrating. Many patterns have to be rewritten to get increases and decreases.slants to go the correct way. Do you have any hints or recommendations of left handed knitting books and patterns? Perhaps I will have to refrain from producing any knit objects and dedicate the summer to learning a new method.

    • espacetricot says:

      Hello Nancy,

      Working as a consultant at Espace Tricot I have met quite a few left-handed knitters. Most of them knit the same way I do, which I do appreciate, since as you say patterns often do not agree with doing anything in lefthanded, meaning in reverse, really. Sorry that you are having such a hard time!

      Honestly, I have never heard of a left handed knitting book – I don’t know if one even exists. I am sorry I cannot be of more help!


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