Podcast – Episode 14!

We forgot to blog that we launched Podcast Episode 14 last week!

In this episode we talk about our FOs and WIPs, new patterns, new store samples and products, gift ideas, and discuss the pain and pleasure of holiday knitting.

In case you missed it, grab your knitting and join us for a bit :-).

Please note: Unfortunately, our line of ceramics is already sold out but we have a new order in production for delivery in early January!

2 thoughts on “Podcast – Episode 14!

  1. Pearl Nester says:

    Love watching your videos, , I live in S.C , in the US and I watch , all of your videos, I’m 75 , knit , and Quilt, my husband is 78 , and is working on wood working , a spinning wheel for me .
    Keep up this wonderful work , you 2 , very special friends , I can see that you truly care for each other, in the world we live in today, that’s a rear thing , like sisters .

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