We are no longer updating this blog: please visit us at www.espacetricot.com

Espace Tricot is conveniently located at 6050 Avenue Monkland, in the heart of Notre-Dame-de-Grace in Montreal and is easily accessible by public transportation. The store is up a short flight of stairs, and there is elevator access. Free and metered street parking is available just outside the door and there are lovely places to eat and shop along Monkland Avenue.

We look forward to seeing you!
















27 thoughts on “About

  1. carol Holmes says:

    I love your website and just wished your store was closer to my home….No. California! Your store looks amazing! Shown on Pinterest was a tunic style top knitted top down without seams. Sleeve length modifications were made by this person, who said it was inspired by Sachi-hiros, “On the Beach” and directed to your site for the pattern. Long story short,
    I couldn’t find the pattern on your site, nor anywhere else, and was hoping you could direct me to it. Perhaps it goes by a different name. Thank you and continued success with your wonderful store! Carol Holmes

  2. Diane Cooper says:

    My goodness, I just found you through a link on Pinterest. Your store looks simply wonderful in these pictures, and I am sad I am not closer! I know where I will be heading next time I am in Montreal!
    Magnifique! ( oh, and thanks for the free patterns!)

  3. Cynthia says:

    OMG…just found you thru Ravelry.
    How I wish I lived in Montreal. Your store looks like heaven to me.
    So beautiful. Colorful and organized.
    If I ever get to Montreal I will definitely look you up.
    Montreal, on the bucket list.

  4. Stephanie Steeves says:

    Just thought I’d stop by and let you know that I found you through Pinterest! Your new Koigu wall blog post caught my attention, and I’m delighted to see that you’re local (what are the odds!?). As I am on mat leave with my first kiddo, I will definitely be passing by your gorgeous shop to add to my stash and fill “nap time” with projects 🙂 Cheers!

  5. fabienne says:

    je viens de découvrir votre blog ..extra extra , dommage qu’en France nous ne puissions trouver des magasins aussi achalandé en laine comme le votre . Des modèles superbes , bravo pour votre travail. Fabienne

  6. Claudia Linke says:

    Just love the photos of your knitwear. You have the rare talent to combine colours, yarns and patterns in a perfect way.
    The store looks also extremely promising. I first hoped it might be in France, but no, it’s in Canada. Definitely too far away from Germany…

  7. Judy says:

    My first visit today. I posted on FB that I had been to Yarn Heaven. Lisa was so helpful and enthusiastic that I bought WAY more than I intended. I shall return when I’ve worked my way through these lovely projects.

    • Thelma says:

      The chevron baby blanket pattern directions does not work. I have tried several times. The miterd stitches move to the left by the 11th row. Can you help please. Thanks.

      • espacetricot says:

        Dear Thelma,

        Thank you for your comment. I am a bit confused by it, as you say the pattern works until row 10 and then it does not anymore. This is not possible as the pattern only consists of two rows that are repeated, nothing changes that would warrant the mitered stitches to move or shift to the left (unless you forget to do the ssk at the beginning of the row after the k1 or knit 10 stitches instead of 9 – but I cannot determine this without looking at your knitting).

        Here is a link to a youtube tutorial on our blanket – as I do not know what is going wrong in your knitting that might be the best help for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC5cNi9jU5U

        I hope this will work for you to figure it out.

        Kind regards and happy knitting, as ever!

  8. Shirley sackett says:

    This store is yarn heaven! Looking at the pictures I can feel happiness looking at all the yarn! Your store is beautiful! Will put you on the must visit when in Montreal!

  9. Marcy Radolovich says:

    I am working on Mona’s Ombré Tank and am really stuck. Please help.On the 3rd page second paragraph I have bound off 11 and have 28 stitches on each side. Please spell out exactly line by line what I have to do beginning with: Bind off 2 stitches on neck edge 4 times. …….until end of that paragraph. Thank you.

    • espacetricot says:

      Hello Marcy,

      I am glad you like the Ombre Tank and are knitting it. I will try to help out with the instructions – please excuse the late reply.

      As the instructions are pretty much written line by line, even though only for the first two, since you repeat what you have done,

      At the point where you are now, you are only working on the right front (when piece is worn).

      Bind off 2 sts on neck edge – meaning at the beginning of the row at the neck edge, which is the RS row, you bind off 2 stitches.

      Work WS row.

      You repeat these two rows 3 more times – makes a total off 4 times.

      On next RS row, k1, ssk, knit to end.
      Work WS row.

      Repeat these two rows until 14 (15, 15, 16, 16, 18, 20) sts remain.

      Work even (meaning on the remaining 15 sts) until piece measures 7(7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8, 8.75. 9)”. Put on hold.

      Left front: Bind off 2 sts on neck edge 4 times.
      For this part you need to bind off the stitches at the beginning of the WS rows.

      WS row: Bind off 2 sts at neck edge – purlwise, since the WS rows are purled
      RS row: knit to end

      Repeat these two rows 3 times.

      On next RS row, k to last 3 sts, k2tog,
      k1. Work WS row.

      Repeat these two rows until 14 (15, 15, 16, 16, 18, 20) sts remain.
      Work even until piece measures 7(7.25, 7.5, 7.75, 8, 8.75. 9)”. Put on hold.

      I hope this helps with your knitting –


  10. Jane says:

    Wow, your shop looks amazing. I logged in as am stuck on another pattern – trying to kn it a shark hat for a grandson! Probably chosen something too complicated, but he so wants this! Can you interpret the following for me …” On the next round, k41, then CO 12 stitches by backward loop method for one side of dorsal fin. Place stitch marker. CO 12 more
    stitches for other side of dorsal fin. K to end of round. The above creates a “hole” in your knitting which you will seam later in the “Finishing” section. K across for 3 rounds. *Knit to 2 st before stitch marker, ssk, slip marker, k2tog, knit to end of round. K across.”
    So grateful for any suggestions

    • espacetricot says:

      Hello Jane,

      Sorry for this tardy reply – but here goes:
      First, you knit the 41 stitches. Then you cast on 12 stitches with the backward loop method, which is basically making a loop with the yarn and placing it on the needle = one stitch made, you repeat 11 times more. If you are not familiar with this method, I suggest looking at youtube, there will be plenty of videos that will show you what to do.
      After you have cast one 12 stitches, you need to place a marker and cast on 12 more. There.
      From here you just continue where you left off and knit to the end of the round.
      The next sentence is just an explanation why you have done what you just have done. After that you continue with knitting 3 rounds..etc. etc.

      I hope that helps!

  11. Jen says:

    Hi. I love your website and your store looks beautiful. I want to try knitting the Mayu and I love the soft blue colour in the picture that goes with the free pattern. Could you tell me which colours of the Debbie Bliss fine Donegal and Shibui Silk Cloud were used?

  12. Marta says:

    I am somewhat glad you and your shop are so far away( on the other side of the pond as we say) there are so many beautiful yarns. Wool is one of the few things I just can’t resist even though I already have three huge bags full of yearns!

  13. ScottishAnimalBehaviourConsultant says:

    I’m hoping for some help as I just can’t figure out what this pattern is telling me to do….I really hope you can help.
    I cast on 80 stitches
    Row 2 purl
    Next row the cable pattern starts, and I can follow all the stitches. However, in the middle I am told to knit row 1 from the centre panel (set of instructions above). Then I return to the 1st row instructions and complete those. All seems simple until I realise that none of this adds up to 80 stitches!
    The first half of row 1 adds up to 76 stitches. The centre panel I am directed to half way through row 1 is worked over 24 stitches, then the remainder of the 1st row is 78 stitches!!
    No matter how I read this I can’t get to 80 stitches.
    Please help!

    • espacetricot says:

      Hello –

      I am sorry you are stuck on your sweater – however, without a bit more info I will not be able to help you as I have no idea what the pattern actually says and your comment reflects your problem. Please let me know more and I’ll have another look.


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