Video tour of Espace Tricot

I wish we could say we had done this ourselves but, alas, although we talked about doing it, it  just never floated to the top of our to-do list. That’s why we were so thrilled to discover this great video posted by the wonderful knitwear designer Kathleen Dames who visited our store back in March.

Thank you Kathleen!

Watch Kathleen’s tour of our shop!

Browse Kathleen’s patterns on Ravelry.

–  Melissa

Just re-stocked: Julie Asselin Fino & Lang Mille Colori Baby

Julie Asselin Fino


A heavenly soft and luxurious fingering-weight blend of merino, cashmere, and silk, Julie Asselin’s Fino yarn is ideal for luxurious shawls and accessories and lightweight garments.

31 gorgeous colourways  now in stock!

Browse / Shop Julie Asselin Fino in our online store.
In need of inspiration?  View projects knit with Fino on Ravelry!

Lang Mille Colori Baby


Mille Colori Baby is a stunning, single-ply 100% merino superwash yarn that produces beautiful and unique scarves, accessories, baby garments, and more. Myriad hues wrap around each other and play in long transitions on each strand producing gorgeous complementary colour ‘stories’ in every ball.

Browse / Shop Lang Mille Colori Baby in our online store.

We’ve knit a few store samples with this one. Click images for project details…





Zick Zack Scarf


Click here for more Lang Mille Colori Baby inspiration.

–   Melissa

Free pattern Friday: Silken Straw Summer Sweater


(Project photos [clockwise]: MizzBrittamemia, Rrrrroadrunnerknitter)

The Silken Straw Summer Sweater by Purl Soho is a light summer slip of a sweater that is just as at home over a tank or camisole in the city as it is over a bathing suit at the beach. Beautiful in it’s simplicity, this garment strikes just the right balance between pulled-together elegance and casual comfort. A perfect addition to any summer wardrobe! We love the four versions pictured here – the one on the top left is knit with Louet Euroflax Sport while the other three are worked up in Shibui Linen – both 100% linen yarns.  Linen fabric is cool to the touch and knits up into light, airy garments that become softer with every wear.

Shop Shibui Linen.
Shop Louet Euroflax.

Project Profile: Amalia’s ‘Boxy’

Although we often hear that our product selection and store samples provide creative inspiration to those who shop chez Espace Tricot, we can honestly say, the reverse is also true! Between the handwork of our customers and our in-store consultants, Lisa and I have front-row seats to a steady stream of beautiful finished projects on a daily basis.  And that’s why we can hardly believe that we haven’t thought to feature them in this space before!  Well, we’ve come to our senses and today we’re starting a new, (hopefully) weekly, series on our blog  in which we will feature photos and a little information about some of the projects that come through our doors.

To get the ball rolling, our lovely in-store consultant, Amalia, shared the following about her latest stunner…


What is the name of the pattern? Boxy by Joji Locatelli

What inspired you to knit it? I saw this on Ravelry and immediately wanted to knit it. I was looking for something simple that I can just throw on in the morning. I love Joji’s patterns, she has simple and modern designs suitable for any and all body shapes.

What yarn did you use? ARTFIL’s Belle in Cape Verde.

Did you enjoy knitting this pattern? Yes, despite the size! It was the perfect, mindless, knitting-in-front-of-the TV sweater. The yarn was also a pleasure to work with.

What do you like most about the finished project? The colour! I love how well the yarn is dyed. Pro- tip:  When working with hand-dyed yarns, knit from two different balls at the same time, alternating every two rows, to avoid sharp demarcations between skeins.

Would you knit this again? Most likely. If I knit another one for myself, I would probably modify it to make it a little smaller. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of knitting it to knit a size smaller than what they think they should.


Thanks so much Amalia! You look great:-)

–  Melissa

Don’t miss these great classes!

There are still a few spots left in the following courses which get started next Wednesday and Sunday, respectively. Call 514-486-5648 to register.

SHIP TO SHORE (Bilingual Class)
Françoise Richard-Devereaux
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Wednesdays, 6 pm – 8 pm, June 1, 8, 15

This crisp, asymmetrical summer shawl made made with linen is a perfect way to foray into lace knitting. The different stitch patterns will keep you interested all along. You can knit the regular version with just one skein of Shibui Linen or a larger version like the one pictured above with three skeins of Quince & Co. SparrowRequired materials: the pattern, at least 246 yards of linen yarn (or alternative yarn of your choice), 5.5 mm / US 9 circular needles or needle size required to obtain gauge. Prerequisites: CO, knit, purl, BO

ON THE BEACH (Bilingual Class)
Amalia Siontas
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Sundays, 9:30 am – 11:30 am, June 5, 12, 19 

On The Beach by Isabell Kraemer is the perfect summer top for walking on the sand or in the city. Simple, fun, and seamless, this is one of our favourite warm-weather knits. Prerequisites: beginner to intermediate. Required materials: pattern, yarn to complete the pattern (Shibui linen), 4.5 mm and 5 mm needles.

Finished samples of both of these projects are available for viewing in store:-)

– Melissa

In the interest of full WIP disclosure :-)

So, based on the array of confessions and responses Lisa’s post elicited yesterday, it seems few of us are alone in experiencing the occasional knitter’s funk / WIP pile-up! It’s funny how some (many?) of us tend to treat our cache of UFOs like a dirty little secret, something to feel guilty and stressed about.  Why?  Is it because we feel those unfinished projects say something deep and significant about us and our ability to “follow-though” and “commit” to something? Is it because we feel wasteful? After all, knitting is no inexpensive pursuit and all of those WIPs stare back at us in their idle state daring us to do the mental math and sum up their collective cost. But, really, who are these projects hurting? The truth of the matter is that there are no knitting police.  There is no upper limit on the acceptable number of WIPs beyond which we are accountable to someone. There is only the waxing and waning of our creative desires:-)

If you’re like most knitters, every project you’ve started was cast on in a state of inspiration and excitement. Whether it was the opportunity to challenge yourself with an interesting or complicated pattern, to use yarns and colourways that made your heart sing, to soothe yourself with something peaceful and meditative, or just because you could see how fabulous the finished project would be on yourself or someone you loved, they were all chosen with intention and all served their purpose for a while. Chances are, most of them are still near and dear to your heart but just not what you want to be knitting “right now”.

Despite having a pile of WIPs accumulating in project bags around my house, I find I usually make my way back to most of them when the planets align and the mood strikes. That said, I’m all for taking stock every once in a while and having a proper weeding out. An uncomfortable number of unfinished projects can take up mental energy, blocking our creativity and sapping the pleasure we derive from our craft.  I recommend collecting all of your WIPs in one place and making an honest appraisal.

If you can still find that sense of inspiration or excitement in a piece, chances are you’ll return to it. If any of your projects make you feel anxious, stressed, or annoyed just looking at them, it’s likely that they will forever remain at the bottom of your priority list. Be brave, be bold – let these ones go. Just because you started something does not mean you need to finish it. Seriously. There is no rule about this. Just frog them and free up the yarn for something else. And if you’ve fallen out of love with the yarn, simply send it to a good home and feel good about it – there are so many charity knitting groups out there on the lookout for donations.

Life is short. Let guilt go and enjoy your process. Take pleasure and comfort in your WIPs – after all, you will never lack for a project.

A review of my own WIPs last night led to the decision to finally frog my Stephen West Doodler shawl. This was a case of me trying to step out of my comfort zone in terms of colour choices but the resulting combination now leaves me cold. I will not be picking this one up again so I will put it, and myself, out of misery…

Below is an accounting of my current projects. I know what you’re all thinking – apart from the Unicorn Stripes scarf, there is a definite dearth of colour on display! It’s pathetic really. I’m thinking Stephen West’s new Knit ‘n Slide pattern with Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles may provide temporary relief. Stay tuned:-)

–  Melissa

Holey Square Shawl by Marianne Sigg in Handmaiden Lino.


Unicorn Stripes by Antonia Shankland – with Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails, of course.


A scarf / wrap I’m designing with Handmaiden Maiden Hair and Shibui Silk Cloud.


Fate by Kim Hargreaves. The back is finished and I’ve started the left front but this has been on my needles so long the yarn has been discontinued. I love the coat so much though, I will persevere!


The Doodler by Stephen West – will be frogged today!


The Bowery Vest by The Third Piece

3rd piece

Coming clean…

It’s been a few months now that I’ve been in the grip of a knitting funk. Too many projects on the needles and too many new ones dancing around in my head. Many of you reading this are sure to relate to my current dilemma which, in the grand scheme of things seems trivial but, given that I am literally in the business of knitting, is somewhat alarming…

I came to knitting only in my late thirties and, since then, I have knit for a few hours each night and have dutifully finished all of my projects. Until now, that is! Knitting has always been for me, a time to come back to myself, to indulge my creative self, and to settle and be quiet. My days are quite social and active and knitting has always given me an opportunity to simply be, yet be productive at the same time. Since we opened the store almost 6 years ago, every evening, and yes I can honestly say every evening, once my son was in bed I would make a café latte, find a good documentary to watch and settle into bed with my knitting. With my e-mail and the phone close at hand, Melissa and I would take the opportunity to catch up with rambling conversations, mulling over ideas and plans for knitting and our shop. I couldn’t wait for this time of day, to not be needed, and to be in my little bubble for just a few hours.

Now, back to my little funk … which, has become a source of endless discussion and contemplation with my faithful partner Melissa. Maybe it is because we have been working up store sample after store sample and have not been knitting projects for ourselves? Maybe it’s because we are teaching our sons, their friends and their teachers and our friends to knit in our free time? Maybe it is because we are still in the process building our business and putting energy into creating procedures and protocols for efficient store management and constantly researching and sourcing new products? Maybe it’s because we only want to knit with neutrals, but then get bored before we start, so then we knit with colour, but then can’t handle it?! Maybe my busy schedule and the long drawn out winter here in Montreal has sucked my energy and made me too tired to knit in the evening? Or, and this is a more recent one, maybe it’s because it’s Spring and I am feeling the need to be out there and on the move?!  Maybe my mind is preoccupied with interior decorating now that I’ve moved into a new home? Maybe it’s because my desire for a finished product is greater than the patience I have to enjoy the process at the moment?

I am hoping that this period of reflection, combined with my willingness to come clean and put all of my finished projects out on the table so-to-speak will help me find my knitting mojo again! Maybe I need to give myself permission to have my UFO’s sit in my knitting baskets for the summer and choose a fun, easy and colourful project to knit this spring!

So, what projects do I currently have on my needles you ask?  Let me list them for you…

A Rowan Pure Wool Worsted Cable Blanket that I am designing as a store pattern:

cable blanket

My Koigu Knitted Patchwork Mittered Square Blanket, that some of you may have already started and completed since one of my previous blog posts:


My Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky Garter Blanket which I blogged about a few weeks ago and am just past the spot I was at before I ripped it back:


A large rectangular shawl in Habu Cashmere, which just might take to the end of my knitting career to finish:


An XL version of the Kigali Nights shawl that I designed as a store pattern in Handmaiden Lino and started last summer:


A Stephen West Color Craving in Headgehog Fibres Skinny Singles, which I was inspired to begin at Vogue Knitting Live:


Another Stephen West Color Craving in Anzula Milky Way, which I started when we went to The Needle Arts Trade Show last year:


Itaca from Stephen West in Jade Sapphire Sylph – started last year as an “easy summer knit”:


–  Lisa  

New (free) pattern from Espace Tricot: Pashmina Stripes


Pashmina Stripes is an easy, high-impact wrap worked in alternating 30-row stripes of four coordinating colours. Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn is knit at a loose gauge for maximum drape and drama. While simple and straightforward, the gorgeous interplay of hand-dyed colourways makes this wrap anything but boring!

Click here for additional project details and to access this free pattern on our Ravelry page.

Shop Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn in our online store.




–  Melissa

Free pattern Friday: Sandy Shores from DROPS Design


drops BelleA fresh, casual sweater to take you effortlessly into summer, Sandy Shores by DROPS Design is worked from the top down and requires minimal finishing.

Knit with DROPS Belle, a DK weight blend of cotton, viscose and linen, this simple pullover is light and breezy with a delicate texture and shine. Cast on now, and you’ll be finished in time for beachcombing and campfires!

We are fully stocked with this lovely  three-season yarn in a range of colours from brights to neutrals.

Shop DROPS Belle in our online store now!

–  Melissa

New store sample: Spectrum


Spectrum is another beautiful project designed by the talented Joji Locatelli.  A simple, straightforward knit, it features a series of chevron stripes gradually transitioning from one colour to another. A fun project, perfect for highlighting your favourite hand-dyed yarns. We used ARTFIL Belle and love the way the gentle tonal variations in the yarn add dimension and texture to the fabric!  This shawl has a lovely weight and drape and is just the thing for cool spring days and summer evenings.

Click here to view additional photos and details on our Ravelry project page.

Purchase Artfil Belle in our online store.


–  Melissa

Free pattern Friday: Scarfy Thing by Beata Jezek


(Photo: Hedgehog Fibres Limited)

While designer Beata Jezek of Hedgehog Fibres notes that her instructions for knitting Scarfy Thing comprise more of a recipe than a true knitting pattern – she provides more than enough information and guidance to make this a fun and very do-able project!  And one that will allow you to flex your creative muscles while knitting a version that is completely, uniquely you.

From Beata –“The piece is a truly improvised effort and even if I could write a row by row pattern, it would be perhaps more of a hindrance to the creative process. Arm yourself with 2 full skeins in similar colours and and a bunch of Sock Minis or sock yarn scraps in contrasting colours and off you go. Pick up stitches, change direction, cast on some stitches, knit a smaller then a bigger section. It’s fun and freeing. If in doubt, improvise and add another colour. Then add one more colour! Yay!

Need a starting point?  We think the following sock / fingering weight yarns in our current inventory are ideally suited.

Shop Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles
Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light
Shop Julie Asselin Fino
Shop Koigu KPPPM
Shop Koigu KPM


(Photo: Hedgehog Fibres Limited)

–  Melissa

A great Spring project – Manny by Casapinka!


Designer Casapinka generously shared this pattern with us today and it was love at first sight. A stunner of a scarf knit with 3 colours of hand-painted Koigu, Manny seems like the perfect thing to cast on to welcome Spring.  The garter stitch chevron pattern is knit in such a way that there are no ends to weave in and the yarn is cut after every row to make the fringe as you go along. The designer notes that hints for memorizing the stitch repeat are given, “making this a good Netflix project”. How awesome is that?

We have 86 Koigu KPPPM colourways to choose from. How to pick just 3??




–  Melissa

New store sample: Color Block Cardigan by Chiaki Hayashi


We knit a warmer version of the Color Block Cardigan by Chiaki Hayashi a few years ago and are still so enamoured with the design that we decided to work up a summery version this year more in line with the original. This lightweight version knit with Hikoo Rylie (alpaca + silk + linen) is fresh and lovely with beautiful drape. Worked in a combination of stockinette and reverse stockinette it’s also completely reversible!

Click here for additional details and project photos on our Ravelry page.

Light and chic – perfect for spring and summer!





–  Melissa

Measure Twice – Knit Once!

From the title of this post I am sure that many of you can already guess the gist of this story, however, let me begin from the beginning!

After 18 years of comfortably living in a borough a little west of Espace Tricot, my family and I decided that it was time to take the plunge and move into a vibrant city “quartier” with cafés, bistros, shops, and amenities all within walking distance. It was a decision long in the making and now finally realized!

With our new place I was itching to create a calm interior design plan that included a variety of textures and functional pieces that did not overwhelm our small space and that could accommodate our friends and family. Melissa served as my sounding board with texts, photos, e-mails and phone calls crossing the border at all hours of the day and night!

Once we were settled it was time to make the really, really important decision … what type of throw should I knit for my sofa! I drove our staff crazy for a few days going back and forth between the pattern, yarn and colourways!

Finally we all agreed on a simple garter throw since I already had a cabled one on the go which was the wrong colour, and my never ending Koigu mitered square blanket which has too many ends that I still need to sew in! We also decided that Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky was the perfect cozy yarn and “Candlewick” with a thick band of “Paper” would fit with my colour scheme.


Now with the big decisions behind me it was time to get going, and who has time to swatch?! So based on the Color Tipped Scarf Melissa knit, I loosely established my gauge on hers and got started.

As I was almost through my third skein I had that nagging feeling that the blanket would be too wide and that I would not have enough yarn to finish my project. With my trusty Shiro measuring tape in hand, I measured and re-measured on my sofa, on my table, on my floor. Then I added an extender and another cord to my Addi Click needles to get the true size and measured and re-measured with my husband’s industrial measuring tape. I calculated and re-calculated, on paper, with my calculator, on my ipad. I toyed with the idea of changing the direction of the knitting and turning it into a log cabin blanket, I went online to see if I could buy yarn from another store!


In the end there was no avoiding it, I would have to live with an odd size throw or… So just after midnight I began ripping and ripping, and here I am back on track with 25 sts less per row and ready (resigned?) to begin again!:-)

–  Lisa


Handmaiden Lino – re-stocked

Handmaiden Lino Header-6

Actually, it’s been a few weeks since our last delivery and I mention it now because it’s moving fast and I know some will be disappointed to have missed it! Handmaiden Lino is a 2-ply laceweight yarn combining shiny silk and crisp linen for a cool and light warm weather blend. The generous yardage makes it ideal for larger lace projects as well as for beautiful tops and elegant wraps. It can also be knit double for a thicker fabric. A quintessential spring and summertime yarn.

We knit the Diagonal Lace Scarf by Churchmouse Yarns with Lino and love the way it turned out – so pretty and light!



For more inspiration, be sure to browse the gorgeous projects knit with Lino on Ravelry!

Shop Lino in our online store.

–  Melissa

Blue Sky Alpacas Sport and Melange now on sale!


The exquisitely soft Blue Sky Alpacas Sport and Melange yarns are now 20% off while supplies last! Both in store and online. This perfectly plied baby alpaca comes in a rainbow of colors and boasts a natural luster and springy softness that makes it a go-to classic pick for any project.

100% baby alpaca / 100 m per 50g / 20-24 sts per 4″ on 3.25 – 3.75 mm needles

Other current sale yarns include Rowan Creative Linen, Classic Elite Yarns Firefly, Berroco Karma, and Berroco Espresso.

Shop ALL SALE YARNS online!

–  Melissa

Free pattern Friday: Dream Stripes by Cailliau Berangere


(Project photos: Black, White, Fuschia: vervlogendagen  / Blue, White: heikku)

Dream Stripes by Cailliau Berangere is a beautiful triangle shawl knit top-down in stockinette stripes and ending with a simple lace border. This kind of pattern provides a perfect platform for expressing your creativity with colour and texture and begs to be personalized in inventive ways. A quick browse of the finished versions of Dream Stripes on Ravelry (there are 1982!) will give you an idea of what I mean – everything from clear solids and bold variegateds to colour-shifting and subtle tonal yarns are used.  From silk, merino, and alpaca to mohair and every blend in between.  And from lace to worsted weight yarns.

What will you choose?  :-)

Note: Pattern is available in 8 different languages!

–  Melissa

New store sample: Unicorn Stripes!


A beautiful and meditative project, Antonia Shankland’s stunning Unicorn Stripes scarf is perfect for TV and social knitting. Using all 30 colours of Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails (47 m / 52 y per skein) the finished scarf is soft and sleek with gorgeous weight and drape – and that colour! If a monochromatic or minimalist approach is more your thing, simply use full skeins of Madelintosh Tosh Merino Light (or other fingering weight yarn of choice) and modify the pattern to alternate just two or three colourways. There are no rules!

Pattern includes instructions for both scarf and cowl.

Note: Since publishing the original, Madelinetosh has replaced three of the colours called for in the pattern – Coquette has been replaced with Coquette-Deux, Purple Basil is replaced with Duchess, and Button Jar Blue is replaced with Glass Bottom Boat.

Click here for additional photos and details on our Ravelry project page.

Shop Unicorn Tails in our online store!

unicorn_stripes7   unicorn_stripes5


–  Melissa

New store sample: Livingston


Livingston by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne is a lovely unisex toddler sweater knit seamlessly from the top down. The sweet stitch motif on the front brings to mind the flight of little birds and adds a touch of whimsy. Knit here with Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK, a soft luxury yarn developed specifically for babies (i.e it’s machine washable:-) ). A clear, well-written pattern.

View additional photos and project details on our Ravelry project page.

Shop Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK in our online store.



–  Melissa

Easy breezy summer tanks

It always amazes us when customers mention that their knitting is a seasonal affair, a passion that they tuck away during the spring and summer, seemingly unaware that there is an alternate universe brimming with exquisite fibres and beautiful patterns designed specifically for the warmer months.  We derive so much pleasure from our knitting that we could never envision a scenario in which we didn’t have something (something!) on our needles, maintaining our equilibrium, at all times. That said, and because it is our duty to enable and inspire, we are sharing patterns over the next weeks perfect for keeping your needles moving from April through August!:-)

Today, a focus on tank tops…
Click images for project details on Ravelry.

SLOPE by Shellie Anderson


(Photo: Shibui Knits)

Cool to touch, fresh, and versatile — Slope features a high-low hem. Simple stockinette enhances the effortless drape of Shibui Twig.

Shop Shibui Twig in our online store!

VILLENEUVE by Espace Tricot


(Photo: Espace Tricot)

A racerback tee knit with Wrapped Silk (N-84) from Habu. Designed to layer over a tank top or t-shirt, Villeneuve is a chic addition to any summer wardrobe.

Shop Habu Wrapped Silk in our online store!

AURORA by Shellie Anderson


(Photo: Shibui Knits)

Aurora is a reversible vest with a button loop closure at the neck. Shibui Linen and Cima combine for a soft fabric while i-cord casings ground the edges for clean definition.

Shop Shibui Knits Linen and Cima in our online store!

OMBRE TANK by Espace Tricot


(Photo: Espace Tricot)

Knit with Habu Tsumugi Silk (100% silk) our Ombre Tank is perfect for hot summer days. If you can’t wait, layer it over a tee and you’re set for spring! Lower body is knit in the round from the bottom up.

Shop Habu Tsumugi Silk in our online store!



(Photo: Carrie Bostick Hoge)

A fresh and pretty a-line linen tank- worked back and forth in two pieces from bottom edge to top. Shoulders and side edges are seamed. Armhole and neck edge are finished with a one round edging.

Shop Quince & Co. Sparrow in our online store!

TOGUE POND by Pam Allen


(Photo: Quince & Co.)

Togue Pond is a simple top with a curved hem that dips slightly in back. Simple and elegant.

Shop Quince & Co. Kestrel in our online store!

–  Melissa

Free pattern Friday: Spring Beanie by Katrine Hammer


(Photo: Katrine Hammer)

Spring Beanie by Katrine Hammer is a simple, stylish hat that is as straightforward to knit as it looks. Choose your favourite DK or light worsted weight yarn and work up this modern beanie in a weekend! A perfect accessory for cool spring days and nights.

Note: The beanie in the photo is knit with Malabrigo Arroyo (100 % merino wool) which, while classified as a sport weight yarn (by weight) is recommended to be worked at a DK or even worsted weight gauge (20 – 22 sts). The gauge of the hat is 20 stitches so, if you’re not using Arroyo, we recommend a DK or even light worsted yarn to achieve a similar look.

–  Melissa

Spring course schedule – now posted!

We’re offering classes for some of our favourite patterns beginning in May. In addition to a basic introduction to knitting course, we’ve got blanket, shawl, bag, summer sweater, and tank classes. Even a felted oven mitt course!

Call 514-486-5648 to register!

Chloe Gallagher-Smylie
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Tuesdays, 6 pm – 8 pm, May 10, 17, 24

Come join us and knit this modern and cheerful baby blanket by Espace Tricot. This is a simple pattern, ideal for a first blanket experience. You’ll learn how to create the chevron look (zigzag pattern) by using different types of increases and decreases. Personalize the blanket by choosing the yarn and colours you love. Size can easily be increased. Prerequisites: Cast on, knit, purl, bind off. Required Materials: 1 skein each of 5 colours of Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton or worsted / aran weight yarn of your choice, 5.5 mm needles or size needed to obtain gauge.

SUMMER FLING (Bilingual Class)
Amalia Siontas
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Sundays, 9:30 am – 11:30 am, May 15, 22, 29

The ideal little accessory for any summer outing, the Summer Fling bag is the perfect size to carry any warm weather staple – a bathing suit, a book, sunglasses and a knitting project. In this workshop you will learn how to do provisional cast-ons, picking up stitches, and grafting. Prerequisites: intermediate. Required materials: yarn for project, knitting needles, 3.5mm or 4mm crochet hook.

Chloe Gallagher-Smylie
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Tuesdays, 6 pm – 8 pm, May 31, June 7, 14

Make your kitchen cozier with these quick, simple, customizable oven mitts from Purl Soho! You can knit the sweet simple version, or add stripes and patterns of colour as you like. This is a great project for expanding your knitting skills and learning how to felt – quick and satisfying! A perfect gift for the baker in your life. Required materials: You will need 150 yards of non-superwash chunky yarn, 9.0 mm needles and access to a washing machine. Rowan Cocoon, Cascade Eco Wool, Malabrigo Rasta, and Manos del Uruguay Maxima are some examples of great felting yarn! Prerequisites: Advanced beginner

SHIP TO SHORE (Bilingual Class)
Françoise Richard-Devereaux
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Wednesdays, 6 pm – 8 pm, June 1, 8, 15

This crisp, asymmetrical summer shawl made made with linen is a perfect way to foray into lace knitting. The different patterns keep you interested in your knitting all along. You can knit the regular version with just one skein of Shibui Linen or a larger version like the one pictured above with three skeins of Quince & Co. SparrowRequired materials: the pattern, at least 246 yards of linen yarn (or alternative yarn of your choice), 5.5 mm / US 9 circular needles or needle size required to obtain gauge. Prerequisites: CO, knit, purl, BO

ON THE BEACH (Bilingual Class)
Amalia Siontas
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Sundays, 9:30 am – 11:30 am, June 5, 12, 19

On The Beach by Isabell Kraemer is the perfect summer top for walking on the sand or in the city. Simple, fun, and seamless. Prerequisites: beginner to intermediate. Required materials: pattern, yarn to complete the pattern (Shibui linen), 4.5 mm and 5 mm needles.

TRICOT 101 (Bilingual Class)
Chloe Gallagher-Smylie
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Mondays, 6 pm – 8 pm, June 6, 13, 20

Join us for this 3-week learn to knit class and we will have you knitting and purling in no time! Tricot 101 will introduce you to the basic techniques of knitting (knit, purl, cast on, bind off) and explain the fundamentals of knitting theory and terminology. By the end of the course you will have all you need to begin your first project! Prerequisites: none

OMBRE TANK (Bilingual Class)
Françoise Richard-Devereaux
$90 for three 2-hour sessions
Wednesdays, 6 pm – 8 pm, June 29, July 6, 13

In this class you will learn the basics of knitting a top to create the Ombré Tank by Espace tricot. The skills you will acquire in this class range from knitting in the round, putting stitches on hold, seaming, knitting with more then one strand at a time and much more.Prerequisites: Cast on, knit, purl, bind off. Required materials: Required yardage of Habu Tsumugi Silk yarn to complete the pattern in your size, set of 24″, 4.5 mm needles, darning needle.

Artfil Belle – just re-stocked!

We received a gorgeous shipment of 22 colours of ARTFIL Belle yesterday – including two new beautiful jewel tones – Sapphire and Bubblegum.



Even though Belle is a perfect sock blend (80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon), it’s suitable for all your fingering-weight projects – from hats and cowls to shawls and garments. One skein is enough for a pair of socks while two will create a good sized lace shawl.
 Apart from the obvious quality and vibrant colourways, one of the reasons we love ARTFIL yarn so much is that it is dyed using an eco-friendly process that requires 80% less water than any other dyeing method! Machine washable and versatile, ARTFIL yarns are spun and coloured in Quebec, Canada.

Shop ARTFIL Belle in our online store.

–  Melissa

It’s Shawl Season!

Spring is in the air and that means perfect weather for pulling on a wrap or shawl as you head out the door. It’s time to pack away your coats, heavy cowls, and woollen sweaters for another year and dig out those light jackets and pretty accessories.  We don’t know about you, but we are heady with excitement at the prospect of casting on something light and new. That said, there are so many beautiful shawls / wraps popping up on the “Hot Right Now” pages of Ravelry right now, we are spoiled for choice.

Here are a few of our current faves. Tell us which ones you love…:-)

(BTW, Joji Locatelli is on fire!)

–  Melissa

Click on titles or images below to go directly to project detail pages on Ravelry.

WAITING FOR RAIN by Sylvia Bo Bilvia


(Photo credit: softsweater)

FALLING by Joji Locatelli


(Photo credit: Jonna Jolkin)

AMBERLE by Shannon Cook


(Photo credit: Janina Kallio)

3 COLOR CASHMERE SHAWL by Joji Locatelli


(Photo credit: Joji Locatelli)

JUJUY by Joji Locatelli


(Photo credit: Rafael Delceggio)

PEACHY by Susanne Sommer


(Photo credit: sosu)

SOUTHERN SPIRIT by Joji Locatelli


(Photo credit: Rafael Delceggio)

ANTARKTIS by Janina Kallio


(Photo credit: Janina Kallio)



(Photo credit: sosu)