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Knitscene / Summer 2014…

now in!

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SweetGeorgia Yarns – Tough Love Sock…

…now re-stocked. One of our favourite fingering weight yarns for everything from socks to shawls to garments. Fourty-six super-saturated colourways now in stock!


From the SweetGeorgia Yarns website: “A perfect blend of warmth and strength to make a hardwearing sock yarn that can stand up to your affection and abuse. Tough Love Sock is our best-selling yarn and knits up beautifully into fine-gauge sweaters, small shawls, as well as socks!”

80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon
425 yards per 115g skein
US 0-1 (2-2.25mm) | 8 sts/1″

Project ideas (clockwise):

Zephyr Cove by Rosemary Hill (Photo: Rosemary Hill)
Audrey by Jane Richmond (Photo: Jane Richmond)
Leapfrog Socks by Debbie O’Neill (Photo: Interweave)
Raindrops by tincanknits (Photo: Tin Can Knits)


Lots more yarn from SweetGeorgia on the way. Stay tuned for updates!

- Melissa


Don’t miss our…


Free pattern Friday: Summer Fling

Hot off the press – another new pattern from Espace Tricot!


The perfect little summer bag for strolling around town, light shopping, or meeting friends for a cocktail on a terrace! The bottom is knit flat and then stitches are picked up for knitting the main body in the round. Handles are then knit flat one at a time and are joined using Kitchener stitch. Knit with Sparrow yarn from Quince & Co. this bag is both pretty and casual and the 100% linen content makes it strong and durable. Form and function!

Pattern available in English and French.

- Melissa

Testing 1, 2, 3

Actually, I should call it ‘Swatching 1, 2, 3′ since that is what I am going to do. Knit one yarn with different kind of needles and show what it looks like. An experiment, yet not really because I already know that I do knit differently with different materials like metal, bamboo or wood. Let’s see how it turns out. (It is absolutely possible that this post doesn’t prove anything but the fact that I have waaaay to many needles the same size, if different materials…)

I am going to start with the most slippery needle (addi turbo) and go step by step less slippery. Of course all the sizes will be the same – 5.0 mm (US 8) and I am using 100% Cotton. Reason for this is that knitting with a yarn like cotton makes for the most visible differences knit up with different needles.

1. addi turbo – the most slippery needles of all! They are nickel plated and are slick and have no grip whatsoever, their tips are quite blunt.

IMG_9540 IMG_9542

(very loose, 14.5 sts/4″ and 4.5 rows/1″)

2. Hiya Hiya stainless steel – slightly less slippery, yet a favorite of mine for wool. The tips are slightly more tapered than that of the addis.

IMG_9543 IMG_9544

(loose, 15.5 sts /4″ and 5 rows/1)”

3. Knitter’s Pride Karbonz – I count those as metal, since the tip you knit with is metal, the rest of the needle is made out of carbon, which has more grip. Their tips are a bit more pointy than the Hiya Hiya.

IMG_9545 IMG_9548

(less loose, 16 sts/4″ and 5 rows/1″)

4. Knitter’s Pride Dreamz – made from laminated wood. Less slippery than the carbon needles, slightly more slippery (slightly!) than bamboo. Nice pointy tips. I seem to knit more evenly with less slippery needles, reason might be that I can’t knit as fast!

IMG_9550 IMG_9552

(slightly more than 16 sts/4″ and 5 rows/1″)

5. Clover Bamboo – I do not have a Hiya Hiya Bamboo needle in 5.0 mm – the material is absolutely comparable. Hiya Hiya needles have a pointier tip and more flexible cables. Otherwise the knitting experience is the same. Bamboo needles are slightly more grippy than the wooden ones.

IMG_9553 IMG_9555

(16.5 sts?4″ and 5 rows/1″)

6. Knitter’s Pride Acrylic needles – I chose to use these next, I do think the grip is slightly less than for the last kind (Denise). The needles have a nice pointy tip and are the same category of grip as the bamboo, they have a lot of grip.

IMG_9557 IMG_9558

(17 sts/4″ and 5 rows/1″

7. Denise Interchangeable needles – made from plastic, with quite thick, a bit less flexible cables. Slightly less pointy tip. Lots of grip – in my opinion the least slippery needle I know.

IMG_9559 IMG_9561

(17 sts/4″ and 5 rows/1″)

As you might have realized, stitch gauge is prone to change more/sooner than row gauge. This is true for my knitting, yours might react differently!

This little experiment has confirmed for me once again what I already knew: I do prefer knitting cotton on my wood or bamboo needles, depending on looseness of gauge even acrylic! More than ever I am convinced that having the perfect tool is the most important part of my knitting experience. It is just so much more enjoyable when the match of needle and yarn is well, perfect. However, any combination of yours is based on personal preference, not on what I do like best – so when you have doubts about your match of yarn and needle, try something else and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Happy knitting, as ever!

- Mona

New store sample: Weekend Wrap


Julie Weisneberger’s Weekend Wrap is a summer favourite at the store and Lisa has just whipped up a second store sample with Habu Textiles Wrapped Silk which arrived last week.  Knit with 12 mm needles, the effect is lacy without the need for yarnovers and pattern repeats. The larger needle size also makes this a quick knit.  It really can be made in weekend!

Click here for additional photos and project details on our Ravelry page.


Our first version of the Weekend Wrap was knit with Seduce yarn from Berroco. Also very chic.  This yarn has since been discontinued but we still have several colourways in stock.

weekendwrapClick here for additional details on Ravelry!

- Melissa

New store sample: Tessa


Julie Weisenberger’s (Cocoknits) Tessa is an ideal choice for Rowan’s new Pure Linen yarn.  It’s light and summery in design and the linen lends a crisp drape to the vest that is cool to the touch and will soften with time and wear. This particular linen is slightly rustic in feeling but also has a beautiful sheen that gives it both a casual and sophisticated look.  The pattern is clear and well-written and the twisted front bands are actually very easy – the whole piece knits up quickly once you’ve gotten that first twist under your belt!

Click here for additional photos and project details on our Ravelry page.



- Melissa

New store sample: Dangling Conversation


A simple little crescent shaped summer shawl / kerchief knit with 100% linen (Euroflax Sport). A great warm-weather accessory that plays nicely with a tank top or tee. Basic charts and written instructions included in the pattern along with a tutorial for optional beading embellishment.

Click here for additional photos and project details on our Ravelry page.

- Melissa

New classes now posted

We have lots of new 3-hour technique-builder workshops on offer in April, May, and June. If you’ve wanted to enroll in some of our classes but haven’t been able to make multi-week  commitments, these may be of interest to you.

Please note, class sizes are limited and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
The class fee is required to reserve your spot – feel free to call in and reserve by credit card.

514 486-5648


- Melissa

Free pattern Friday: Spring Lace Infinity Scarf


The Spring Lace Infinity Scarf by Linda Thach is a stunning piece perfect for transitional spring days and even summer wear.  Knit with 2.5 skeins of Shibui Linen (20 colours currently in stock) this scarf is light and breathable and so pretty.  The edges are comprised of a lovely leafy lace design (3″ on each side) and the body is knitted using a combination of stockinette stitch and stockinette elongated stitch for added interest. Definitely one to add to your queue!

- Melissa


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