Tassels – how do they work?

Tassel or tassle? What do you think?

As I have said two weeks ago, all that is left do to on my – that is, Hannah’s – “Capucine” are the tassels.

I have tried to make some from what I remembered, I have to admit that making tassels is not on my daily agenda. Turns out practice makes perfect, as is true for almost everything.

What you need:

A flat piece of cardboard the size you want to make the tassel – I actually used a cd case, one of the flat ones. Also, yarn – either the same as the project, or whatever you want.

Cut a shorter piece of yarn and lay across your template. Then start winding the yarn around and around.

I wound my yarn around 35 times. Now take the short end that you have so cleverly arranged before and tie a knot, pulling as tightly as you can.

Centering the knot on the upper edge, take scissors and cut the yarn carefully along the lower edge.

An almost finished tassel!

Cut another piece of yarn (long enough that when tied the halves are as long as the tassel or a bit longer) and tie around the upper part of the tassel. Pull as tight as you can and secure with a knot.

And here’s your tassel.

If needed, trim the the strands to same length. (Just don’t do as I did, in the effort to cut to exactly the same length my first tassel shrunk considerably!) Now attach to your project with the strands of the upper knot.


See you next week.

– Mona


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