New in Store – SHIBUI!

Lisa and I talked for some time about adding products from Shibui Knits to our inventory and we’ve finally taken the plunge!  Shibui is known for cultivating a unique collection of finest quality yarns with incredible textural appeal in an array of signature colours – the result is a luxurious range of products that are beautiful to knit and wear.  We’ve started with Shibui Linen and Silk Cloud but will continue to add other lines over the next months. These yarns are wonderful to knit with on their own but can also be paired with others to stunning effect (more about the Shibui ‘Mix’ concept later…).

Shibui Linen


From the Shibui website: “Clean, crisp linen fiber is spun into a unique chain ply structure for Shibui Linen, our breeziest yarn yet. The quintessential summer yarn, Linen knits up into light, airy garments that become softer with every wear. An array of vibrant colors brings Linen to life and provides a fresh spin on this classic fiber.”

100% linen
246 yds / 225 m
24-28 sts = 4 in
US 4 – 6 (3.5 – 4 mm)


Shibui Linen project ideas (clockwise):

  1. Die Cut Vest by Sara Morris (Photo: fyberduck)
  2. L.1 by Antonia Shankland (Photo: Shibui Knits)
  3. Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier (Photo: yarnsinthefarms)
  4. Dangling Conversation by Mindy Ross (Photo: stormyk9)


Shibui Silk Cloud


From the Shibui website: “Glossy silk and wispy kid mohair unite in this luminous lace weight yarn. Silk Cloud can be knit alone for gossamer-light lace projects, or held alongside any Shibui yarn to add a soft halo and subtle glow.”

60% kid mohair, 40% silk
330 yds / 300 m
20 sts = 4 in
US 7 (4.5 mm)


Shibui Silk Cloud project ideas (clockwise):

  1. Everyday Wrap by Julie Weisenberger (Photo: eeelizabeth)
  2. Mix No. 3 Shawl (paired with a fingering weight merino/silk blend) by Kristin Ford (Photo: followtheyarn)
  3. Cabled Rib Wrap (paired with DK weight alpaca) by Kristin Spurkland (Photo: Xeni)
  4. Piega (paired with DK weight alpaca) by Kristin Ford (Photo: Shibui Knits)


– Melissa

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