Just in: Cards from Romney Ridge Farm

Kelly Corbett, owner of Romney Ridge Farm located in the mid-coast town of Woolwich Maine, maintains a small diverse flock of sheep and Angora Goats. In addition to producing a range of yarns, Kelly has also developed a line of stationary and calendars showcasing her beautiful photographs taken at the farm. We’ve just received a shipment of notecards and gift tags – calendars shouldn’t be far behind.

What better accompaniment to your hand knit gifts?


Folded 3”x 3” blank cards with white square-flap envelopes.
Printed in Maine on an elegant, heavy matte paper. 6/pack


Gift Tags

Thoughtfully designed gift tags printed on 2X3 cards with punched hole for tying. 5/pack.


– Melissa

4 thoughts on “Just in: Cards from Romney Ridge Farm

  1. Julie Ladouceur says:

    Ce sot des cartes qu’ils vendent. On devrait peut-être aller voir de quoi cette boutique a l’air pendant les vacances…

    Envoyé de mon iPhone
    et modifié aléatoirement par un correcteur automatique.

  2. Lynn Desjardins says:

    Hi You guys have ordered such wonderful stuff!! Could you pls put aside for me a packet of these gift tags? I will come in this weekend. cheers Lynn

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