Do You Give A Damn?

About the “Color of the Year”?

Well, this is it.

Just in case you feel like whipping up a summery design in that particular colorway, I checked on our inventory to see if we could oblige.

Shibui Linen, Bordeaux

Classic Elite Yarns - Firefly, 7727 Sangria

Classic Elite Firefly, Sangria

Quince Sparrow, Port

Rowan Creative Linen, Raspberry

As with every color, there are different interpretations. But these come as close as possible. Four out of, well, I don’t really know, but a lot of colors and summer yarns we have in stock.

It seems yarn companies do not bow to fashion trends much, I rather think they develop colors true to the owners/creative designers taste.

I, for one, wish the yarn industry cared a bit more for what is in fashion to be able to cater to our customers, however, having worked in the business, I do also know that the cycle of yarn is much different from the short lived trends in the fashion world. Then again, do we knitters really care that much? Knitting a sweater is like cooking ‘slow food’ – instead of going out buying whatever is available (i.e. ‘fast food’) we choose a design and put time and love into creating it. Meanwhile the fashion devotee is on to the third trend of the season and has to hurry to keep up. Which is really not what I personally am about.

So I have to ask myself: Do I give a damn, really?

Happy Knitting, as ever!

– Mona


4 thoughts on “Do You Give A Damn?

  1. miss agnes says:

    I do care about it, even if I might not knit a sweater in a trendy color just because it is trendy. But a color I like + trend works well for me. And the Pantone colors are available long enough in advance for dyers to prepare a trendy selection, I wish some of them would do it. I do fancy a Marsala sweater for spring, because it will match a lovely printed skirt I bought. Thanks for your selection.

  2. symondezyn says:

    I don’t really care about it for my knitted items; as you say, a knit garment is a time investment, so I tend to choose colours I love and know I will wear for a long time 🙂 That said, maybe trendy selections for quick knits like hats or gloves might be nice! ^__^ For the record, I have from the beginning, truly disliked that Marsala Pantone colour but your interpretations in yarn selections are all wonderful! Amazing what texture and dimension adds to a colour, isn’t it? 🙂

    • espacetricot says:

      Absolutely! There is a reason Pantone has different paint chips for Textiles – the colour is translated just differently than in, lets say, paint for walls!!


      • symondezyn says:

        Oh, for sure! I know that concept all too well – I am a graphic designer and depending on what material we’re printing on, a colour can look wildly different from one application to another! ^__^

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