We Have One Hat

Today’s post is short and sweet: The Vermonter is done. I like that the Pom Pom is huge, and the fit is perfect.IMG_9745The weather in Montreal is awful, dark and rainy, I had to use the flash.

She likes the hat – what more could I want?

Happy Knitting, as ever!

– Mona


10 thoughts on “We Have One Hat

  1. Tarah Schwartz says:

    Hi Mona!

    Hat is fabulous!! I was wondering if you could share the modifications to make it smaller. I would like to make one for my son, a big two year old!

    If you have time…:-)


    Sent from my iPad


  2. Caroline says:

    Would you mind posting stitch counts, etc? I made one for myself last year and would love to make it for my grandkids.

    Thanks Caroline Snizynsky

    Sent from my Samsung tablet

  3. Janice Parnell says:

    Lovely Mona, Hi Lisa & Melissa, Great job and wonderful hat. Thanks for motivating and inspiring me too to get this onto some of my needles. Janice

    Sent from my iPhone


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